What is the difference between memory foam and latex mattresses?

July 19, 2016

Memory foam and latex are the two cutting edge comfort materials in the mattress industry today. You may hear the terms “memory foam mattress” and “latex mattress” thrown around a lot in the same context, which can make it hard to decipher any meaningful differences between the two. In the video above, our mattress expert Jed explains and demonstrates the main differences between memory foam and latex. To reiterate, memory foam allows you to sink in for excellent body contouring that cradles the body and relieves pressure points. Some people dislike the sinking feeling of memory foam, likening it to quicksand, while others love the full-body contouring. Latex provides similar pressure relief and body contouring, but responds much faster with gentle push-back that avoids the sinking feeling of memory foam. Some other minor differences between these two materials are memory foam tends to be cheaper, latex tends to sleep cooler, and some types of latex use natural ingredients while memory foam is always artificial foam.

Whether you prefer memory foam, latex, or even the metal springs of a traditional innerspring mattress, US-Mattress has the best deals on name brand mattresses like Serta, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic.

Adopt a dog this summer!

June 16, 2016
Lucky Ducky is a 3-year-old Beagle-Basset mix. He is a little shy and nervous, and may take some time to warm up to you, but once he does, Lucky Ducky will make a sweet and low-maintenance companion. He would be a great fit for a quieter home and someone who has the time and patience to help build his confidence.

Cody is a 1-year-old Shepherd mix. He is lots of fun, and has lots of playful energy, the perfect fit for a more active household that likes to spend time outdoors and go for runs and walks. Cody likes to explore, likes to meet people, and would appreciate a big backyard to run around in.

Lanaki is a 5-month-old Pitbull. She has lots of playful energy, loves people, and has lived with dogs in the past. She will get a little bigger. She is super friendly, and would make a great playmate for another active dog.

Amos is a 3-year-old Red-Boned Coon Hound. He is full-grown and very friendly. Amos would do well with an active family that would enjoy taking him on walks in the woods and playing with him outside. He is a lovable, handsome, and really cool dog.

Pughuahua is a 5-year-old Pug-Beagle mix or maybe Pug-Chihuahua mix. He is really friendly and likes people. He has an overall easygoing personality suitable for a low-key home. Pughuahua likes to sit in laps, and is certainly a snuggler.

If none of these dogs are a good fit for your home, you can still share this post to help spread the word and get them adopted! And don’t forget that as an added bonus, we’ll give a free pet bed to the family that adopts any one of these pups. If you can’t adopt a dog right now, but still want to help, consider donating. US-Mattress will match your donation dollar for dollar to help the MHS continue their great work in and around Metro Detroit.

Interesting Sleep in the Animal Kingdom

June 8, 2016

As a major contributor to the Michigan Humane Society, it is no secret that US-Mattress is full of animal lovers. We of course care about how our customers sleep, but we also want to help cats, dogs, and other furry friends sleep safely and comfortably. Sleep is something shared across virtually the entire animal kingdom, and there are some truly unique and utterly strange sleep habits out there. Here are a few!

Unihemispheric Sleep

Unihemispheric sleep refers to each hemisphere of the brain sleeping independently of the other. Animals that are capable of unihemispheric sleep are able to put half of their brain to sleep while the other half remains awake and alert. This system of sleep allows animals to get sleep while remaining alert of predators, migrating non-stop, and swimming. Some examples of unihemispheric sleepers are beluga whales, dolphins, sea lions, mallard ducks, and even domestic chickens!

Sea Otter Anchors

You’ve probably seen images of otters floating on their backs and holding hands. This practice is believed to keep them from floating away while they’re unconscious. But did you know some otters have even been found to secure themselves with seaweed before drifting off to sleep? If any animal wins the “cutest sleeping practice” award it probably has to be otters. Whether holding hands or tying themselves down, otters can sleep safely in the water knowing they won’t float away.


Mattress Makers

It is pretty common for animals to “make beds” or “bed down,” but orangutans probably take this farther than any other species aside from us. Birds make pretty cool nests, polar bears dig dens for hibernating, and deer will bed down on tall grass, but orangutans will actually find materials to bend and even weave into comfortable mattresses. While other animals may choose or use features of their environment as a bed, and animals like birds build “homes,” orangutans seem to stand apart for making complex and specialized mattresses specifically for sleeping comfort.

Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abeli) in a night nest Gunung Leuser National Park, Indonesia.


The winner of extreme animal sleeper is probably the dolphin. Not only do species of dolphins practice unihemispheric sleep, but it is thought that dolphin mothers sleep very little, if at all, for weeks after giving birth. Having to worry about predators, continue swimming, and come to the surface to breathe, unihemispheric sleep is very beneficial just to survive. But when watching over a newborn who is slower, smaller, and especially vulnerable to predation, observation has suggested that the mother stays active with only time for brief fragments of sleep at best for as much as three weeks. And you thought your newborn kept you up at night…


As experts on sleep, and friends of the Michigan Humane Society, we hope you found these sleep facts from the animal kingdom as interesting as we did! Visit US-Mattress.com if you’re looking to upgrade your sleep with a new mattress, we promise it will be more comfortable than the one you got from that orangutan.

Simple Series #10: Mattress Finder

May 2, 2016

US-Mattress mattress finder size

The hardest part about buying a mattress can be finding where to begin. If you’re replacing your mattress, it has probably been 10 years or longer since you last shopped for a mattress. A lot has changed in the last decade of mattress technology, so anything you remember from your last mattress shopping experience is probably much less relevant now than it was then. With more options like latex and hybrids in addition to memory foam and traditional innersprings, it can be hard to know where to begin with your research.

US-Mattress mattress finder sleeping position

US-Mattress.com is designed to provide customers with a slew of information and guidance to help customers narrow down their options and find their perfect mattress. If you want to do the research on your own, it’s all there. If you prefer the help of an expert or salesperson then you can give us a call at 1-800-455-1052. We also have locations in the Metro Detroit area (and one in Concord, North Carolina) for local customers who prefer an in-person shopping experience.

US-Mattress mattress finder comfort

Our Mattress Finder makes getting started easy by answering four simple questions: 1 – What size mattress do you want? (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King ,or Cal King) 2 – What is your primary sleeping position? (Back, Side, Stomach, or Inconsistent) 3 – What is your preferred comfort? (Firm, Medium, or Soft) 4 – What is your price range? (Entry-level, Mid-range, Luxury) By answering these four questions, we can provide you with a handful of options that fit your criteria. You can simply choose an option from that selection that appeals to your specific wants, or use these examples as a basis for comparing other models you may be looking at. Either way, our Mattress Finder is a simple tool that will make your mattress buying experience simpler and quicker, so visit US-Mattress.com today!

US-Mattress mattress finder cost

Simple Series #9: Call or Click to Contact Us

April 18, 2016

contact us box

Some people like an in-person shopping experience where they can talk to a salesperson and see the product first-hand. Other people hate pushy salesmen and feeling like they’re being “sold” or pressured. Some people like talking on the phone, some people hate it. Lots of people enjoy the convenience of shopping online, while others still prefer the old-fashioned ways to ensure their information stays secure. A great thing about US-Mattress is you can shop however you want. Call, click, or visit us in-store (select locations for the time being!) to get the great service and prices that over 250,000 customers have chosen so far.

We have mattress experts standing by to answer phone calls, respond to emails, chat with you via instant messaging, or give you the traditional showroom experience in-person. Whether you just have questions, want to buy, or need support after your purchase, we provide you with all of the means to contact us and make the process as simple and pain-free as possible. At US-Mattress, we know that buying a new mattress isn’t always fun or easy. That’s why we do everything we can to make buying your next mattress as simple, affordable, and straightforward as possible. Call, click, chat, or come see us in one of our local mattress stores for the best mattress buying experience you’ve ever had!

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Simple Series #8: 100 Night In-Home Trial

April 11, 2016

One of the reasons why mattress shopping can be difficult and stressful is you are making a decisions that you will likely have to live with for around a decade (or more). The mattress you select is the mattress you will be spending thousands of nights sleeping on, so you need to be sure you are making a good pick. For the sake of your comfort, wallet, and quality of life, you pour hours and hours of your free time into mattress research so you are confident you are making a good purchase. Even then, some folks take their new mattress home from the local showroom or have their mattress delivered and after a few weeks they just aren’t enjoying it as much as they thought they would. After the first few nights of being excited to sleep on a brand new mattress, the excitement fades and the mattress isn’t as magical as it once seemed. After a few weeks, you wonder if you haven’t been waking up feeling rested and refreshed. After a few months you’re pretty sure that this mattress you researched and tested and were excited to buy may not actually be a good fit for how you sleep. Oops. Now what?

In this day and age, we are used to just about everything being returnable. Clothes, electronics, even things we order online can usually be returned. If you buy something that turns out to not be right for you, just take it back and no harm done. This becomes more complicated in the mattress industry, however, because people usually don’t want to buy something that someone else slept on and returned (in fact, many places have laws against selling used mattresses). A lot of the mainstream brands still offer returns or exchanges to keep up with the times, but if you look at the fine print you’ll see that these guarantees are riddled with fees that basically make returning a mattress a waste of time. This is because the retailer can’t take the mattress back and resell it after you return it, so they are trying to recoup the cost while still offering a “return.” This misleading practice can cause you to lose a large fraction of what you paid for the mattress, and you still need to buy another one! You might buy a $1,000 mattress, not like it, then have to pay $600 in fees to “return” it. That’s essentially $600 you just paid for nothing but a lot of hassle.

We understand that people make mistakes, and we know that a 2 minute test in a mattress showroom doesn’t accurately suggest how you’ll be feeling after a full 8 hours of sleep. We also know that mattress shopping is a frustrating process which is why we’ve made it easy for you. We provide you with as much information as possible, including our revolutionary Comfort Scale which makes it easy to compare different models. Our experts are only a click or call away if you have any questions, and we have video reviews to give you a good idea of what you’re buying.

Even with all of that information, occasionally people still end up with a mattress that just isn’t working for them. But don’t despair! We’ve solved that, too. Our 100 Night In-Home Trial means you can try your new mattress for up to 100 days (in fact, we recommend you try it for several weeks at least to be sure you aren’t still adjusting to the change). If it’s just not right for you, we offer a Comfort Exchange where, for only $99, we’ll replace your original purchase with another mattress (you are responsible for a price increase if there is one, obviously). We can’t resell your mattress, but we will cover all of the other costs so you don’t have to. If possible, we also try to donate returned mattresses to charity instead of sending them to a landfill, so don’t feel bad about it! We want you to be happy with your purchase and sleep well, and we want to make your mattress buying experience as simple and painless as possible. This is just one more reason why US-Mattress is #1.

(See our policies page for full details on our 100 Night In-Home Trial. Please note we can only offer one exchange per purchase, as we lose money on the exchanged mattress.)

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Simple Series #7: Largest Mattress Selection

April 4, 2016

US-Mattress logo

It may seem like having more options would make things less simple, but for an investment like a mattress, you want to be sure you are getting the best product for your needs and budget. With our effective process of narrowing down options based on your budget, sleeping position, comfort preferences, material type, and brand favoritism (if any), it is easy to whittle down our thousands of options into a handful that you can compare to find your perfect match. While showrooms only provide a handful of options to begin with, you’ll find yourself making due with the “best match” instead of choosing the “perfect match” from 100 times more choices. If you need assistance in addition to our categorizations online, you can speak with one of our friendly mattress experts by calling 1-800-455-1052. They will be happy to answer a specific question, or help you get started if you are overwhelmed by the amount of information and don’t know where to begin.

Our goal is to provide customers with the most straightforward process possible, while still offering them all of the options so they can find their perfect match. Save time, money, and hassle by buying your next mattress from US-Mattress!


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