Simple Series #4: Shop 24/7/365

December 28, 2015

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Shopping for a new mattress can be a daunting and time-consuming task, which is why many of us put it off for longer than we should. A big problem for me is not wanting to spend an evening in a showroom. About the last thing I want to do after leaving work is go stand around a showroom and talk to a salesperson about which mattress I wanted to spend a month’s salary on. Your options are basically to either to go after work and sacrifice an evening (or a few evenings), go on the weekend and sacrifice most of your Saturday (some places are also open on Sunday), or just not go and put up with an inadequate mattress. None of these are fun options.

At US-Mattress you can shop online 24/7/365. You can shop on your holidays, shop before (or evening during) your workday, jump online during a bout of insomnia at 2 in the morning, or any other time that suits you. No more choosing between a new mattress and quality time with the family, and you don’t even have to leave home! Watch TV while you shop on commercials, or shop while you Facebook, or shop in one tab while you look up reviews in another. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. You’ll save time and money, and we’ll send the mattress to you for free, so no worrying about how to get it home without shelling out even more for the showroom to deliver. Talk about simple.

Simple Series #3: Lowest Price Guarantee

December 22, 2015

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Shopping for a new mattress can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, which is why most people put it off for longer than they probably should. Driving to showrooms, testing out beds, talking with salespeople, price comparing — it can get tedious and eat up a few evenings pretty easily. But the time spent is usually worth it because you are making an investment and want to be sure you are getting the best bang for you buck. You don’t want to spend more than you need to being upsold by a salesperson, and it would be equally bad to drop a lesser (but still substantial) amount of money on a mattress that will need to be replaced again sooner than expected.

At US-Mattress we have addressed a few of these issues to make the mattress buying process less of a chore. There is no driving to showrooms, no salespeople or sales pressure, and, best of all, no need to spend hours price comparing. US-Mattress has a steadfast lowest price guarantee where we diligently seek to have the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere, online or in-store, on all of the products we offer. We check the competition, we work with the manufacturers, and we have a more efficient business model that allows us to offer the same great products at lower prices than the competition. You can shop with us confident that we have the best prices on whatever you’re looking for, and if by some fluke you do find a lower price elsewhere (before, or up to 30 days after your purchase) we will match 110% of the price difference! We make shopping simple, and save you money along the way. Why go anywhere else?

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Simple Series #2: Free Shipping

December 15, 2015

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There’s not much that needs to be said. We offer a free shipping option on all of our products, to anywhere that is road accessible within the continental United States. Whether you are ordering a mattress, bed, pillow, furniture, or linens, you’ll pay the price you see on our product pages without any hidden shipping and “handling” charges. We factor in the cost of all products and shipping to present you with one simple number that you pay. No matter if you’re ordering a single pillow or furniture for the entire home, you’ll get free shipping on everything. Simple.

Did You Know We Sell Furniture Now?

December 1, 2015

Hooker Furniture Brookhaven 64-Inch TV Console

You know we sell mattresses. You probably also know we sell other bedroom basics like linens, pillows, and beds. But did you know we now carry a vast selection of furniture for outside the bedroom? That’s right! Our ever growing company is expanding daily to provide our loyal customers with more and more products backed by our exceptional service. You can still count on us having the lowest prices, free shipping, and a selection of high-quality products in a range of price points.

Largo Phillip Dining Table

We have taken advantage of our relationship with manufacturers and our sister sites in order to bring you a large quantity of furniture for any room of the home. You might come to US-Mattress for a new mattress, but while you’re here you might end up finding unbeatable prices on a new pillow, a nightstand, a sofa, or even a dining room table. We are proud to carry signature brands like Amisco, Broyhill, Hooker, Largo, Magnussen, and many others! Whether you’re looking for bedroom furniture, baby furniture, storage, or seating, we’ve got hundreds of items for you to choose from from your favorite brands at the lowest prices available anywhere, online or in-store.

Tommy Bahama Beach House Delray Nightstand

I used to tell you to consider US-Mattress your one-stop-sleep-shop, and you still can, but I hope you’re as excited as we are about our expansion outside of the bedroom so you can think of US-Mattress as your go-to source for furniture in every room of the home. A big thanks to all of our loyal customers, we hope to revolutionize the way you shop for furniture the same way we revolutionized the way you shop for a mattress.

Happy savings!

Benchcraft Brindon Sofa

Why US-Mattress Is the Best Way to Buy a Mattress: Part 2

November 10, 2015

(For those of you who missed Part 1, you can find it here.)

In Part 1, I covered our huge selection of products (which includes the largest mattress warehouse in the country), our lowest price guarantee, and why buying a mattress online is better than shopping showrooms. Here in Part 2, I will be covering our FREE shipping, 100 Night Comfort Guarantee, and referral program. The goal of this series is to highlight the reasons why US-Mattress is the best way to buy a mattress (and many other products), by sharing our outstanding policies and deals that our competitors can’t match. Like Part 1, I won’t be dazzling you with pictures or lofty claims, but introducing you to some of the great benefits of shopping at

FREE Shipping

So you’re walking through the mall and something catches you eye. It could be a new gadget, an article of clothing, whatever. You go into the store to check the price tag and it feels like a sucker punch to your wallet. But you have the clever idea to look that item up online and try to find a better price. You do, and you find it at a price you can live with; but as you add the item to your cart and begin to go through the checkout process, another sucker punch: shipping and “handling” fees jack the price right back to what it was at the mall!

Is there anything worse about online shopping than that? Shipping and “handling” charges are probably the most universally hated part about the online shopping experience, which is why US-Mattress got rid of them. No adding the price tag + shipping + “handling” + shipping insurance + a warranty to find the actual price of your item to compare elsewhere. We give you one number, plain and simple. There are add-on fees available in certain cases (like in-home setup), but these extra fees are optional and up to you if they’re worth the extra money. Everything we offer on our site has a free shipping option available so you pay the price you see, period. No making an account and teasing through the checkout process to find what it will actually cost you, just one number with easy, optional add-ons clearly displayed.

100 Night Comfort Guarantee

A lot of people who are used to the showroom mattress shopping dance will ask “how can I buy a mattress online without trying it out?” I actually wrote a blog post on this previously, after finding a study that concluded buyer satisfaction for mattresses is actually higher for online shoppers than showroom shoppers. Shopping online you usually get better prices, less pressure and upselling, and can make a more informed decision rather than trusting a 30 second lie down test to tell you how much you will like the mattress for 8 hours a night over the next 10 years. But if you are hesitant about ordering a mattress online, we offer a 100 Night Comfort Guarantee to give you plenty of time to decide if the mattress you ordered is right for you. If it’s not, you can exchange it for another mattress and try again. We do require a $99 exchange fee on some brands to help cover return shipping, but we cover all of the other expenses because we want you to be happy with your new mattress.

Referral Program

If you do decide to take advantage of our great offers and order from us, we are confident you will love doing business with us. So confident, in fact, that we have a fun referral program where you can let your friends and family know just how great our service and prices are and earn some money for your referral! Check here for more details!


I’m seeing a trend where I try to share a few things about US-Mattress and it turns into a lot more information than I was expecting. So check back later for Part 3, where I will cover our sales, coupons, and clearance, as well as financing options. Chances are, I’ll stumble upon a few more things to talk about by then and continue on to Part 4!


Why US-Mattress Is the Best Way to Buy a Mattress: Part 1

September 29, 2015

I’m not going to hit you with a spiel about how the customer comes first and we do everything we can to make you happy. I’m not going to make generalizations about how we’re the best because we’re they best when every other retailer out there is saying the exact same thing. I’m not even going to try to attract you with pretty pictures. I’m just going to talk about some of the great deals and policies you will find at US-Mattress, the things other companies don’t offer, to show you why US-Mattress is where I would buy from if I was shopping for a new mattress. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a lot of text for those who are really interested in a better way to shop.

For starters, US-Mattress has long since evolved past just mattresses. We now carry just about everything you need for your bedroom (pillows, sheet sets, quilts, nightstands, etc.) in addition to furniture for any room in your home. So if you’re in the market for a new mattress, but have also been thinking about getting a new nightstand, lamp, rug, pillow, anything like that, consider US-Mattress your one-stop-shop.

But having a big selection of products doesn’t make us the best. What I think makes us the best is our lowest price guarantee. If you’re shopping for a new mattress (or many other items), you can forget the hours of price comparing and calling around, and be confident we have the best price available anywhere, online or in-store. If you somehow happen to find a price better than ours on a product we offer, let us know and we’ll do our best to match or beat it. There’s really no way to lose money with us!

One hang up that many people have about US-Mattress is they have never purchased a mattress online before. They are used to going to a showroom and “testing” mattresses before they buy one. Now let’s be honest, going to showrooms sucks. It’s an exhausting and awkward way to waste a few evenings when you could be home relaxing. You might think “well how can I buy a mattress without testing it first?” to which I will reply “with objective numbers and reviews from experts instead of a misleading 30 second lie down test and a salesperson trying to up-sell you.” If that isn’t enough reason for you, check out one of my previous posts about why buying online is better than buying in-store.

So so far we have a huge selection of products to meet most (if not all) of your needs, the best prices guaranteed, and a buying strategy proven to be more effective for customer satisfaction than shopping showrooms. So when ordering through US-Mattress you are saving time, money, and hassle, and you’ll probably be happier with your product(s) than you would be if you had gotten them elsewhere. I was planning on covering a few other topics, but you might already see my point without me making you read an entire book of reasons. If not, check back later for Part 2 where I’ll cover our sales and coupons (so you can save even more than our already lowest prices), financing options, FREE shipping, 100 Night Comfort Guarantee, referral program, and more.

Trust me, from your guy on the inside, US-Mattress is the best way to buy a mattress.

Why a Bed Needs a Nightstand

August 4, 2015

Enough is enough. You’ve had one more restless night, one more bout of insomnia, one more infuriating moment of rolling over to see the alarm clock mocking you with “4:00 am” emblazoned in your direction. Many people will jump to the conclusion that they need a new mattress and/or bed, and for most that will help, but there is more to a good night’s sleep than just your bed and mattress.


There are countless factors that can affect sleep: from your bed, to your schedule, to your diet, to your mental and emotional state. This article is not intended to give you a two sentence “solution” to each of these intricately connected and complex subjects, but rather to cover one often overlooked topic in-depth with some actually valuable information. That topic is bedroom design. I have read some cockamamie articles about how the feng shui of your bedroom can improve your sleep, with everything from a clean room, to properly aligned furniture, to an ORGANIZED CLOSET being essential to obtaining your best night’s sleep. After a few good scoffs, I decided to take the overall idea and approach it from an angle that might actually help you.

There are a few mainstay pieces of furniture that most bedrooms have: bed, nightstand, and dresser. There are many other pieces of furniture that often find their way into the bedroom, such as an armoire, desk, mirror, or media chest. Each of these items has a purpose, and one in particular can make or break a good night’s sleep.


I recently had my brother stay over for a night at my apartment. We stayed up late playing video games and catching up, and I had warned him ahead of time that the best I had to offer for sleeping arrangements was the couch (a rather comfy couch to sleep on, though). At some time during the wee hours of the night we decided to turn in, and I grabbed him a pillow, some blankets, and dragged a chair over next to the couch. If you don’t know why I dragged that chair over by the couch, you probably also take your nightstand for granted next to your bed. And if you have a guest bedroom without a nightstand, preferably on either side of the bed, you are potentially committing guests to an awkward and uncomfortable night.


Especially in this day and age, nightstands or bedside tables are more of a necessity than a luxury. Most people won’t be ready for bed without a glass of water, their cell phone (which is usually also their alarm clock), and a lamp next to them that they can turn on and off from bed. Many people also like a book, their wallet, keys, wedding ring, medication, inhaler, etc., etc., within reach during the night. To not have that luxury means an awkward pile of things on the floor next to the bed, or worse, no access to those things without getting up from bed and essentially ruining your sleepy mindset.


You need to be sure that before going to sleep each and every night, you have everything you might want or need within arm’s reach of your side of the bed. There are few things worse for your night’s sleep than laying in bed torn between getting up for a drink to wet your dry mouth, or succumbing to your tired body to stay put and deal with it. Standing up and turning on a light is often all it takes to reset your mental state from “sleep mode” to “awake mode,” which means going back through the process of coaxing your mind and body back to sleep.

kari nightstand before

So if you don’t have one already, invest in a nightstand. Or at least pull up a chair next to your bed. You need a surface to set a bottle of water, your cell phone, alarm clock (if you like), even a healthy late night snack (if you ever wake up with a rumbly tummy). The point is, you can have the best mattress/bed combo in the world, your body might never want to leave, but if you have a dry throat or realize you have a time-sensitive email you forgot to read during the day, having a glass of water or your cell phone within arms reach can save you from ruining your sleep state when you’re seconds away from dreamland.