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  1. King Sealy Posturepedic Conform Performance High Spirits Firm 10.5 Inch Mattress
    Save 25%!
    King Sealy Posturepedic Conform Performance High Spirits Firm 10.5 Inch Mattress

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    To $5,276.00

    Reg: $1,599.00 You save $400.00!
    Comfort Scale - 3.5

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About Sealy Conform Mattresses

Sealy Conform is the new memory foam collection replacing Sealy Optimum. These mattresses represent the latest in Sealy's memory foam technology, offering exceptional comfort and support at a good value. Posturepedic Technology delivers targeted support to each part of your body, ensuring proper sleep posture so you wake up each morning feeling well-rested without stiffness or soreness.

Sealy Conform mattresses use different combinations of high-quality foam, memory foam, and gel foam to achieve a variety of comforts. Sealy Conform mattresses are categorized into three sub-brands depending on the materials and features they include. Below you can learn more about each sub-brand and the features available with each.

Sealy Conform Essentials

The Sealy Conform Essentials category focuses on affordable prices, offering a great value on the quality comfort you would expect from Sealy. Sealy Conform Essentials mattresses utilize a variety of durable foams to achieve ideal support in a range of different comforts.

  • Entry-level models
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • Affordable
  • High-value, CertiPUR-US certified foams
  • SolidEdge HD System
  • 1 to 10 year warranties

Sealy Conform Performance

Sealy Conform Performance mattresses represent the mid-range category of Sealy's foam models, adding exclusive Posturepedic Technology and enhanced foams. Performance models are a level above the Essentials category, including more luxury features and higher cost gel memory foam.

  • Mid-range models
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • Advanced comfort foams
  • Good value
  • ComfortLoft Covers
  • SolidEdge HD System or new DuraFlex Edge System
  • CertiPUR-US certified materials
  • 10 year warranties

Sealy Conform Premium

The Premium sub-brand represents the high-end foam category from Sealy's Conform series. These mattresses feature the most advanced comfort materials and features that Sealy has to offer. Sealy uses its cutting-edge Posturepedic Technology in the Sealy Conform Premium mattresses, along with their most advanced gel memory foam formulas, to deliver the most luxurious levels of comfort.

  • Top-of-the-line models
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • SupremeLoft Covers
  • New DuraFlex Edge System
  • MoistureProtect technology
  • AllergenProtect technology
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams
  • Border handles
  • 10 year warranties

Sealy Conform Technology

In addition to advances in Sealy's memory foam technology, the Sealy Conform series also boasts updated aesthetics with bolder colors and newly engineered design features to make this one of the most exciting updates in Sealy's 130 years. Sealy Conform also aimed to improve the value and support of their new models, working with orthopedic specialists to design a mattress that is both comfortable and promotes healthy sleep. This Sealy update is so impressive that Sealy is rumored to have doubled down on the Conform series for 3 years, rather than their usual 2 year cycle.

Below you will find more information about the various technology breakthroughs that Sealy has implemented in the Conform series.

  • Posturepedic Technology: Targeted, zoned support to the heaviest parts of your body, bolstering support where you need it most
  • Ultra-Stretch ComfortLoft Cover: Super-stretchable, mid-loft knit fabric that better conforms to the body
  • Sealy ComfortSense Foam: The latest innovation in gel memory foam, designed to respond to your body's unique shape for a more comfortable night's sleep
  • Sealy Chill Gel Memory Foam: Conforming gel memory foam with our advanced cool-to-the-touch Chill Cooling Technology
  • SealySupport Gel Base Foam: High-quality, dense foam offers a more supportive feel
  • StableSupport Foundation: Exceptional engineering creates a durable base for the mattress
  • MoistureProtect technology: Enhanced cover fabric designed to draw moisture away from the body during the night