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Best Adjustable Bases of 2021

April 19, 2021

1.) Malouf Structures S755

The Malouf Structures S755 adjustable base is the staff favorite pick. We like it for all the luxury features, pre-set positions, and sleek aesthetic. The stone-colored upholstery fits in with a range of decor styles, and you can place it on top of a platform bed if you'd like. The S755 is made for easy use, with its Bluetooth compatibility that allows you to control your bed with Siri commands.

You can program your favorite positions into the remote, which also has five preset positions: Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, Lounge, TV, and Flat. This base will give you years of improved sleep and relaxation, backed up by a 20-year warranty.

2.) TEMPUR-Ergo Extend

The Tempur Ergo Extend smart adjustable base has the best features. A notable one is the Automatic Snore Response, which automatically raises your head when you snore. This position opens up your airways to reduce snoring, which is particularly great for those dealing with sleep apnea. It also has Sleep Coaching, which allows you to learn about your sleep quality. You'll be provided a summary of your night's sleep with an overall score, as well as comprehensive information about your sleep phases.

Following up those two excellent features is the four-zone massage, with three levels of intensity. There are several other notable features making this bed stand out. Altogether, it's got just about anything you'd want from an adjustable base.

3.) Mantua Rize Aviada

The Mantua Rize Aviada is the best for medical conditions. The five pre-programmed positions can help with improving your airflow, circulation, and reducing pressure on the lower back. These can help with a range of health conditions. The most common issues being sleep apnea, acid reflux, and arthritis. The continuous motion mode is very helpful in this area because you can plan out a series of positions for the base to automatically move through during the night.

You can really optimize your sleep with this adjustable base, and reduce symptoms from certain medical conditions. The Aviada also features premium fabric and stainless steel legs, it's high quality and backed up by a 20-year warranty.

4.) Rize Clarity II

Mantua Rize Clarity 2 adjustable base
  • Includes massage, USB ports on both sides, and a mobile app
  • Improved lift capacity
  • Designed to fit in with most headboard and footboard rail systems
  • Wireless remote comes with 5 pre-programmed positions
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The Rize Clarity 2 adjustable base has the best overall value on this list. The amount of features for this competitive price makes Rize's Clarity II a great choice for those who want to get the most bang for their buck. With massage capabilities, a mobile app, and a lift capacity of 850 lbs, this base is hard to beat at this price range.

It has five pre-programmed positions so you can easily find what works for you. It even has under-bed lighting and USB ports to elevate the overall experience.

5.) Motion Air

The Motion Air adjustable base, which you can buy through Beautyrest or Serta, has the fastest shipping available. It's also the most affordable adjustable base on this list. You can adjust the head and foot of the bed without much effort using the wireless remote.

The Motion Air has several safety features to minimize any risks, and it's made with Silent Drive Motors so you won't be disturbed by its operation.

Buying An Adjustable Base

We hope you find the right adjustable base, whether you want an affordable entry-level bed like the Motion Air or something with all the bells and whistles like the S755. If you'd like more information about buying an adjustable bed base, check out our Adjustable Base Buying Guide. You can also call our team at 800-455-1052. They'll help you with any questions you have.