Best Places to Take a Nap

Written by: Lisa Grzebik


One of the most gratifying ways you can treat yourself is with a well-deserved nap. Some shut eye can actually be far more satisfying than buying an overpriced latte for a boost in energy. A good nap can have the same recharging effect. Also, it costs you no money and has zero calories attached! Albeit simple, it is a guilt-free way to enjoy yourself, and it will improve your outlook on the remainder of your day. A bit of extra rest can make you feel and function better, especially if you had fewer than a healthy seven to nine hours of sleep the previous night.


Despite these benefits, there are some negative perceptions of napping. A common misconception is that naps are only for children. However, some extra sleep can be beneficial at any age. There are several cultures around the world that embrace the early afternoon nap. Among the benefits of this type of schedule are better heart health, improved focus, no midday slump, and higher satisfaction among workers. In recent years, a handful of exceptionally successful companies have invested in nap spaces for their employees to encourage increased productivity. The idea is that improving the health of employees will improve the health of the business. Insufficient rest can negatively impact work performance, but catching up on sleep can result in heightened concentration. For this reason, some companies have even spent large sums of money on lofty nap pods! If companies are willing to splurge on such a product, there is clearly value to be found in the power of a nap. Priced at thousands of dollars per unit, you may not be able to afford this new technology yourself, but that doesn’t need to stop you from taking a tranquil nap at home.


One of the best places to nap can be in the comfort of your living room. Falling asleep with a favorite book or while watching a movie you enjoy can be a blissful experience, and you can always finish the story at a later time. If you have a sofa that is rather comfy, this can be a great place to catch some winks. Another place to unwind and secure a few minutes of good rest can be your favorite reading chair. A supportive pillow should be used in this case to prevent you from waking up with a sore neck or back. If you are a child at heart or have children of your own, you may have a bean bag or two sitting around in your family room. This can provide a great means of achieving a quick nap, though you should be sure to provide your neck with some support. Admittedly, a sofa or chair may be a more graceful and “grown-up” way to rest, but this is your time to indulge as you please in the privacy of your own home.

Bedroom Set

When you are having a particularly stressful day, you may want to nap somewhere that is exceptionally well-kept. In this case, an infrequently used guest room can offer a leisurely place to relax. Scented oils and gel beads are popular items that are often found in guest rooms, and these simple luxuries will provide you with a soothing aroma for added comfort. A perfectly-made bed in a well-decorated room is intended to offer your guests an inviting and enjoyable stay, and this makes the guest room a convenient place to go to pamper yourself with a nap from time to time.


A lofty daybed is another excellent place to enjoy a midday nap. Perfect for lounging, a daybed is a cross between a couch and a bed. We carry a vast selection of daybeds in a variety of styles to suit any home. Some daybeds are designed to be used outside. When weather permits, taking a nap in your backyard can be a great idea. The pleasant combination of fresh air and easygoing relaxation is beyond compare. A cozy hammock is another great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting some rest. However, if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, a hammock may not be the best option for you. Alternatively, a supportive pillow can be propped up against a sturdy tree for a simple yet peaceful place to nap. Have a blanket handy in case it is needed– preferably one that is inexpensive and reserved for the purpose of outdoor use. Plenty of shade and sunscreen is necessary. Be sure to always protect your skin for the sake of your health, and limit your exposure time if you are concerned there is not adequate shade.


While going on a road trip isn’t something you can always do on a whim, taking advantage of your time in the passenger seat with a nap can be a great way to relax and catch some Z’s. When you are on vacation, you can stay rested and ready to enjoy your time away during the drive. You might even be able to nap during your daily commute if you’re lucky enough to have a carpool buddy. Take a quick nap after a hard day of work to re-energize yourself so that you can better enjoy your time at home. Just be sure your driver stays alert and wouldn’t prefer your company during the long drives.


If you are fortunate enough to have the option, another advantageous place to nap is alongside a canine or feline companion. As a partner of the Michigan Humane Society, we understand the many rewards of being in the company of an animal friend. Whether you spend this time on your sofa or bed, napping near a pet can be beneficial. Their warmth can provide added comfort, and their presence can give you a safe, stress-free feeling. This extra time spent with your pet is sure to be appreciated, making this arrangement a win-win for both parties.

When all else fails, a reliable place for a nap is your bed. The right mattress for your preferred sleeping style is essential for optimal rest. Whether it is during a brief nap or while sleeping at night, resting comfortably on the correct type of mattress will help positively impact your day. To ensure we have the ideal selection for your needs, we offer a wide range of mattresses for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. We also carry numerous expertly-engineered pillows that are specially designed to accommodate all kinds of sleepers. Do yourself a favor and take some time to invest in a sleeping environment that will work best for your particular needs. You can use our easy-to-read Comfort Scale to check if your mattress is providing you with the best nap space possible. When it comes to your bed, accomplishing the perfect nap largely depends upon the specifications of your mattress, and we are here to help you get it right.


Though it may seem uneventful, taking some time from your busy schedule to enjoy a nap can be a truly fulfilling activity. Furthermore, it is always possible that while you dream you could undergo a uniquely thrilling adventure or dream up the next big idea for your work project. Even if your nap doesn’t result in a brilliant idea or a new invention, it will certainly boost your productivity at work and even in your personal life. Naps have also been proven to have other beneficial effects on the mind and body, including improved heart health. Remember that a proper sleeping environment is the key to achieving a successful nap and brightening your day, and we are always here to help you get the sound sleep you deserve.



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