An Easier Way to Find a Mattress

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The hardest part about buying a mattress can be finding where to begin. If you’re replacing your mattress, it has probably been 10 years or longer since you last shopped for a mattress. A lot has changed in the last decade of mattress technology, so anything you remember from your last mattress shopping experience is probably much less relevant now than it was then. With more options like latex and hybrids in addition to memory foam and traditional innersprings, it can be hard to know where to begin with your research.

US-Mattress mattress finder sleeping position is designed to provide customers with a slew of information and guidance to help customers narrow down their options and find their perfect mattress. If you want to do the research on your own, it’s all there. If you prefer the help of an expert or salesperson then you can give us a call at 1-800-455-1052. We also have locations in the Metro Detroit area (and one in Concord, North Carolina) for local customers who prefer an in-person shopping experience.

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Our Mattress Finder makes getting started easy by answering four simple questions: 1 – What size mattress do you want? (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King ,or Cal King) 2 – What is your primary sleeping position? (Back, Side, Stomach, or Inconsistent) 3 – What is your preferred comfort? (Firm, Medium, or Soft) 4 – What is your price range? (Entry-level, Mid-range, Luxury) By answering these four questions, we can provide you with a handful of options that fit your criteria. You can simply choose an option from that selection that appeals to your specific wants, or use these examples as a basis for comparing other models you may be looking at. Either way, our Mattress Finder is a simple tool that will make your mattress buying experience simpler and quicker, so visit today!

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  1. My fiance and I are currently looking for a mattress for us to use once we are married. Personally, I prefer to sleep on my back. However, he likes to sleep on his stomach and neither of us really change positions. When we look at these websites that you have provided, should we be looking for the type of mattress that is good for those who change positions or should we be looking at something else?


    • If you visit, you will find a Comfort Scale that rates each mattress on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being very firm and 10 being very soft. For those who sleep on their stomach, it is usually recommended you go with a medium-firm mattress (Comfort Scale 3-4) that provides some initial padding but is firm to keep your back straight. Those who sleep on their back can usually get by on just about any mattress, so it is really more of a personal preference.

      When sorting mattresses by sleep position you will usually get something like this: Stomach Sleeper [Comfort Scale rating 2-5], Side Sleeper [Comfort Scale rating 6-10], Back Sleeper [Comfort Scale rating 1-7], Sleepers Who Change Positions [Comfort Scale rating 5-6]. For those who change position during the night, a Comfort Scale rating right in the middle is usually recommended because it will be soft enough for side sleepers, yet firm enough for stomach sleepers. But as you can see, stomach sleepers and back sleepers have a much larger range of overlapping Comfort Scale rating numbers. So while mattresses with a Comfort Scale rating of 5-6 that are recommended for those who change sleeping positions will work, you also have more options than that.

      In my opinion, if you are a back sleeper and your fiance is a stomach sleeper, I would look at mattresses suitable for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers have the narrowest range of Comfort Scale ratings that work well for them, all of which should work just fine for back sleepers. Unless you have wildly different preferences (for example, you prefer a very soft mattress and your fiance prefers a very firm mattress), any mattress recommended for a stomach sleeper should work just fine for a back sleeper. If you do find you have opposing comfort preferences, try meeting in the middle for a compromising comfort (for example, you prefer a Comfort Scale rating of 7, your fiance prefers a Comfort Scale rating of 2, you will probably want to split the difference at a 4 or 5).

      Just remember that too soft of a mattress can be bad for stomach sleepers. Mattresses with a Comfort Scale rating over 5 tend to cause you to sink in a bit, and if you’re lying on your stomach, sinking in can cause you to arch your back which will lead soreness in the morning! Back sleepers don’t have this problem.


  2. I’ve been trying to figure out what mattress I want to get. I didn’t even think about what side I like to sleep on! I think it’s interesting that different mattresses cater to different positions. Thanks for sharing!


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