All’s Wool That Ends Wool: How Wool Improves Your Sleep

SFERRA Tartini Throw

Sure, it’s still August. It’s still warm outside. It’s too early to begin thinking about bundling up for winter. So why are we talking about wool?

Even though wool is generally associated with colder weather, it’s a lot more versatile than most people would think. Wool is a natural fiber that provides several benefits to create a healthier sleep environment.

  • Wool is naturally resistant to microbes and mildew. This is because its fiber structure doesn’t hold onto moisture; instead, the moisture can pass through the fabric and evaporate. So not only will it not retain a gross smell if it gets wet, but it also helps if you sleep hot or sweat a lot at night.
  • Wool can naturally regulate your body temperature. Not only does it wick away extra moisture, but it also draws excess heat away from your body to keep you at a comfortable temperature. Temperature is important to your sleep because if you’re sleeping too warm or too cold, your sleep won’t be as deep or as restful.
  • Wool is essentially non-allergenic. Fabrics made from wool don’t need to be made with harsh chemicals, which is the biggest cause of allergens found in textiles. While a few people are allergic to lanolin, the oil found in wool fibers, it’s the chemicals that cause most allergic reactions to fabrics.
  • Wool can actually lower your heart rate, helping you sleep more deeply. It sounds surprising, but scientists at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales conducted a study to measure the effects of various fibers on sleeping humans, and their research showed that wool actually does lower heart rate. A lower heart rate means that your sleep will be deeper and more refreshing, which will in turn make you more energetic for the next day.

US-Mattress offers a variety of wool bedding, including blankets, comforters, and pillows. Even some mattresses contain wool. Check out our selection of Vispring mattresses to enjoy both the comfort and health properties of wool as you sleep.

Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter


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