Cleaning Your Luxury Linens

The way you clean your linens is essential to their quality over time. You’ve invested good money into soft, luxurious fabrics, and it’s important that the materials retain the same quality that they had when you first purchased them. There are three things to keep in mind when caring for your good linens and textiles.

1. If you’re using a washing machine, use cold water and the gentle cycle.

ocean waves.

It’s common knowledge that cold water helps fabric keep its shape, since the material is much less apt to shrink. While any product made from natural fibers will shrink to some degree, cold water will keep that shrinkage to a minimum so that your linens retain their size. Combined with a gentle wash, your fabrics should keep their shape and size for years to come.

2. Don’t use fabric softener on your fine textiles.

What many people don’t know is that fabric softener can actually ruin the fibers of your fabrics, especially if you’re using liquid fabric softener. Softener coats the threads so that they feel softer, but it destroys the finish of the fabric, which is part of what determines its original quality. White vinegar does the job just as well, without damaging your textiles.

3. Don’t over-dry your linens.

Linens Hang Drying

Many fabrics can be machine-dried. The main cautionary message here is to make sure that you don’t let them dry too much, because this can cause the fibers to break. This ultimately results in tiny pills along the surface of the fabric. It’s recommended that you take your linens out of the dryer when they’re still a touch damp, and then press them with a warm iron.

With a little extra care and attention to detail, you can easily maintain your luxury linens so that they last for years. Whether you’re washing brand new linens or maintaining vintage ones, these three memorable tips will help you keep your textiles in excellent condition.


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