Mattress Buying Online vs In-Store

Do you think mattress satisfaction is better for folks who bought a mattress in a showroom or those who ordered online?

The answer may surprise you. Most people (including myself) would probably assume a lay-down test in a showroom would help the buyer to gauge if the mattress is right for them, something you obviously cannot do when ordering a mattress online. But surprisingly enough, a survey conducted by reveals the opposite to be true. Although it is hard to pin down the exact reason why these were the results, a few theories are likely:


#1 – Better Deals

It is easier to be “satisfied with your mattress” if you didn’t pay an arm and a leg for it. So anyone who bought a comparable mattress online for cheaper than they would have paid in a showroom, is more likely to feel good about their purchase, even if the product is the same.



*Online price from, Showroom price from Tempurpedic

#2 – No sales pressure or upselling

Unfortunately, salespeople and showrooms don’t always have the customer’s best interest at heart. Getting you to upgrade from a middle-of-the-road priced, semi-firm mattress, to an ultra-plush that nets them a little more commission, might mean the difference between sufficient and insufficient support for your body type or sleeping method. When shopping online, you can take your time, research the products you are considering, more easily find reviews, and access other information like warranties more easily than you can in a showroom with someone waiting on you.


#3 – Misleading test run

Laying down in a bed for a few minutes (or seconds) does not accurately reflect a full night’s sleep of 8 hours. An ultra-plush or firm mattress might feel nice for a minute in the showroom, but might be too unsupportive or too hard to give you a restful sleep night after night. The same way fast food tastes good occasionally, but that doesn’t mean you would want to eat it for every meal!



These theories could explain why the study results are contradictory to most people’s initial assumption, but either way, numbers don’t lie. US-Mattress is proud to provide their customers with the best prices, best products, and best information to make the right purchase. You won’t find a better avenue anywhere for achieving owner satisfaction when buying a new mattress.


  1. […] One hang up that many people have about US-Mattress is they have never purchased a mattress online before. They are used to going to a showroom and “testing” mattresses before they buy one. Now let’s be honest, going to showrooms sucks. It’s an exhausting and awkward way to waste a few evenings when you could be home relaxing. You might think “well how can I buy a mattress without testing it first?” to which I will reply “with objective numbers and reviews from experts instead of a misleading 30 second lie down test and a salesperson trying to up-sell you.” If that isn’t enough reason for you, check out one of my previous posts about why buying online is better than buying in-store. […]


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