How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress?

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Dear Snooze Guru,

The last time I purchased a mattress, all of the models were still double sided. Now, when I look at a mattress store, it’s hard to find any that are double sided. I understand that one sided mattresses are built better than two sided mattresses, and personally, I like the idea of not having to flip my mattress. What I don’t understand is the concept of rotating. Can you give me some information on how often and to what degree I’m supposed to rotate my mattress?

-Dolly from Spokane, WA

Hello Dolly,

Thank you for your letter. While most of today’s mattresses no longer need to be flipped, it’s always a good idea to rotate your mattress every so often to ensure even wear. The following video from Jed, one of our mattress experts, should clear up all of your questions about rotating your mattress.

Whenever you decide to purchase a new mattress, you can head to to get the web’s best prices on today’s most respected brands. We hope to hear from you soon!

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

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