Making the Most out of a Small Bedroom


If you have a small bedroom, you’ve probably felt frustration at the storage and decorative limitations of your space. It can be difficult to keep a small bedroom free from clutter, and it may seem like no matter what design you try, you can’t keep your room neat and clean. But small bedrooms don’t have to feel like packed storage closets. There are techniques you can use that, when properly put into practice, can fool your eyes into seeing your room as larger than it is, allowing you to feel more content, relax, and ready for rest.

Fool the Eye

Our eyes are pretty good at tricking our brain. Sometimes we see things differently than they actually are, and this is handy when we want to change our perception. When you’re furnishing a small bedroom, there are certain techniques that can fool your eyes into thinking the room is bigger, thus eliminating any cramped or stressful feelings. Here are a few common techniques.

Lexington Monterey Sands Salinas Mirror

  • Hanging mirrors in the room will create a sense of dimension and depth because they look like additional windows.
  • Limiting the color palette will make the room appear larger. When items are of a similar color, the lines between them become blurred, and the eye has an easier time surveying the room.
  • Using soft lighting that comes from several directions will also blur the edges of your room and will make it look bigger.

Maximize Space

When you have a small bedroom, you should make the most out of every free inch of space. Outfitting your room with multi-purpose furniture will also help you maximize your room’s potential. For example, placing a small desk near your bed will not only give you a place to work, but it can also serve as a nightstand. Also, putting cushions on top of storage chests gives you not only a place to store items, but also a spot to sit. Another way to maximize the potential of a small bedroom is to convert wasted space to a storage place. Under-the-bed storage containers, storage beds, and high shelves all help to maximize storage space.


If you have a small bedroom, consider taking the time to find a way to utilize every inch of space. Think of ways to trick your eyes into seeing the room larger than it is. Get creative, and enjoy the opportunity to make your bedroom more enjoyable. It may be the only room that’s yours, so enjoy it to the fullest.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

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