When Should You Replace Your Mattress?


Dear Snooze Guru,

My girlfriend tells me that I need to replace my mattress. She thinks it’s gross that I’ve had it for as long as I have, and she’s determined to get me to buy a new one. But she doesn’t understand, that mattress means a lot to me. It was the first mattress I got because I wanted it and not because it belonged to my older sisters first. It was the summer after our parents got divorced, I think it was 1996. My mom was dating this guy named Jesse who worked at a mattress store, and I guess to impress her, he let me pick a mattress in the store and gave us a sick discount on it. And it was the coolest thing Jesse ever did because he ended up stealing money from my mom. The point is, I love the mattress and I still sleep great on it. Does the age of the mattress really matter? Do I have an excuse to hang on to it for a little longer?

-Doug from Beaufort, SC

Dear Doug,

Thank you for writing. While age can help you determine when it’s time to replace your mattress, it’s not the only factor to consider. Your mattress’s job is to ensure that you receive comfortable and supportive nights of sleep. If your mattress still feels comfortable to you, then why replace it? As long as you clean it regularly, and always use a mattress protector, you can hang on to your mattress for as long as it keeps delivering great nights of sleep. There are a few signs that will help you know when you should start shopping for a new mattress. The following video from Jed, one of our mattress experts, tells you how to determine if you should replace your mattress.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru


  1. For me, the lifetime of mattress is differ because their quality is not the same. All depend on the mattress material, stuffing, etc.. If you have used for long time, it would be old and should be replaced. About comfort? You are right, there are many factors we must examine it.


  2. Typically a good mattress lasts about 7 years, so cheers to Doug for investing in a mattress that has lasted 20 years! Snooze Guru has it completely right – if it isn’t causing you restless nights or back/neck pain, then I don’t think you need to start looking for a new mattress quite yet.


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