A Coastal Bedroom

Picture 3

The last time I was in Nantucket with my sailing friends, I had an enlightening experience at the little cottage where we spent our time between sails. After we came in from a long day of sailing, my friend Kent and I sat on the veranda for a while, taking in the coastal breeze and chatting about the furniture of our dreams. You know, guy stuff. Kent said how much he always appreciated a coastal décor – how there was something about the breezy nature that eases the mind and puts the soul at ease. He told me how he used that little Nantucket cottage as the design inspiration of his home. As he showed me some pictures, I realized how refreshing the décor of his home looked, even though he lives miles away from the coast. I was blown away.

Have you ever considered bringing a breezy coastal décor into your bedroom? Imagine walking into your room each night and finding yourself transported to a relaxing retreat. I’m feeling calm just thinking about it. US-Mattress.com has a number of coastal beds, shelves, desks, rugs, window treatments and more to help you have a little bit of the coastal life in your own home. And with the usual low prices you’ll find at US-Mattress.com, you’ll feel as laid back as your room looks.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

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