Lighting for a Bedroom

It may seem odd to worry about lighting a room where the purpose is to turn off the lights, but that’s exactly why it’s so important.

Many people find ceiling light in a bedroom to be too harsh or too bright. While it can provide a great accent piece for a room, a light on the ceiling may not provide the lighting you’d like.

Currey & Company Middleton Chanjdelier

Table lamps are quite often used on nightstands or tables to provide softer lighting that highlights only one side of the room. Many couples that go to sleep or wake up at different times find this separate lighting makes it easier to not wake up your loved one. Something like the Uttermost Romina Table Lamp would allow each person their own lighting that wouldn’t bother the other person. The Romina table Lamp also allows for pivoting. But, if you’re looking for a reading lamp, the Quoizel Table Task Lamp allows for focused lighting.

If your room is short on space, a table lamp may not be the best option. Floor lamps can take up significantly less space and still provide light to only one side of a room. Some of these floor lamps, like the Kenroy Home Planar Floor Lamp actually provide shelving for display or storage.


Kid’s bedrooms need lighting too and their options are tons of fun. Kid’s lamps come in many styles and designs to accent any theme or just be a friendly piece to help them sleep better at night. You can decorate with an airplane and boat lamp, a cute jungle scene lamp or even just a lady bug light that provides a little bit of light to make sleeping in the dark a little more fun.

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