Questions About Simmons Mattresses

From Linda-

I recently stayed at a Best Western that had the most wonderful mattress. I took down the brand name and style, Simmons Beautyrest World Class Felicity 2, super pillow top plush, and found it is only sold to hotels. Does Simmons make a comparable mattress set that is sold to the public?

Hello Linda,

The mattress in question is from Simmons Hospitality Line, and because it is an older model (2 to 3 years old) there is not a current model that would be similar. The Felicity 2 has the Healthsmart Top which is a zip off, removable cover that can be laundered. Simmons does not make this any more. You can check out the current Simmons Beautyrest World Class models, which features a higher coil count than previous years.


  1. I stayed at a best western in hood river Oregon and I loved the mattress. Do you have any Sealy models for the public that are comparable to the hotel mattress. I could not find a model number, but it is a Sealy.


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