Mattresses for tall people

From Bonnie –
I purchased a bed from you in early 2008 I believe. It was a full size Simmons Cairo Lux Firm. I have been happy with the comfort of this bed but need to buy either a king or cal king. My partner is 6’2 250 lbs. What can you recommend?

Hi Bonnie,
As far as comfort goes, I would recommend that your partner go out and try some mattresses in a local store with you to determine what comfort would suit your needs the best. Typically, firm, plush-firm, and plush models hold up the best, pillow-tops tend to break down a little quicker than tight-top mattresses. As far as the size, I would probably recommend getting a Cal King size. I myself am 6’2″ and sleep on a standard Kings size and if I sleep on my stomach, my feet tend to hang off the end. If you and your partner enjoy the feeling of the Cairo Plush-Firm mattress that you currently have, then that mattress is still currently available and you could just get the larger size that you are looking for. Please feel free to contact me or any of our reps if you have any questions or if you find a model locally that you would like us to cross reference the name of.


  1. Hello, my son is 18yrs. and he’s 6.6. I’ve been looking for a full or queen size mattress long enough for him. Could you please tell me where I can one. Thanks in advance.


    • Hi there. Shopping for a mattress is easy at You can search through our selection of full and queen size mattresses or call 1-800-455-1052 to speak with a friendly mattress expert who can help you pick the right model for your son. Good luck!


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