Choosing the Right Firmness


It was once common practice to sleep on an extremely firm mattress to help back problems. That’s not the case today. Current mattress technology allows for more cushioning while still providing great support.

In fact, if a mattress is too firm, it won’t provide enough support to your lower back and may cause more issues with sore shoulders and hips. If you’re unsure of what comfort works best for your body, go to a store and lay down on what they have available.

And, before you purchase, make sure the store you’re buying from has an exchange program. Laying on a bed for a few minutes in a store is completely different than sleeping all night on a brand new mattress. No matter what kind of mattress you buy may take you up to a month or two to get used to. However, if it’s been more than two months and you’re still having problems, you’ll want to make sure you can exchange it for a new one that will work better for you.

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