Daybed Size

From JoAnn –
I am looking for a narrow day bed, ideally only about 30-33″ deep. I have a small area for one to go into. Do you they make them that small?

Hi JoAnn,
I am sorry, I don’t know of any daybeds that are as thin as you need. Daybeds accept a twin mattress which is 38 inches wide, in which all of the daybed depths would be 38 inches or bigger.


  1. Actually, I bought a two piece corner unit with a square table and the beds/mattresses were 30″x74″. Under the mattresses was a removable panel with storage underneath the length, depth and width of the bed.


  2. I also bought a wooden platform style day bed(from a thrift store) that fits a mattress 28x68inches. Mine may be hand made though…..I don’t see a brand on it…but there must be some out there!!! 🙂


  3. I used to see 30″ wide by 72″-74″ long daybeds and mattresses for sale in the 1990s. They were not common, but also not excessively rare. At the current time, I cannot find daybeds or mattresses in that size anywhere anymore.


  4. I have 6 antique military bunk beds and an antique daybed that all take 30″w mattresses! No box springs. I have had a very difficult time finding inexpensive foam mattresses for them…they will all get light, occasional use and budget is an issue, especially needing that many! I would love to find something that would fill this dream,.,to have all the grands over at one time!


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