Mattress Buying Online vs In-Store

March 26, 2015

Do you think mattress satisfaction is better for folks who bought a mattress in a showroom or those who ordered online?

The answer may surprise you. Most people (including myself) would probably assume a lay-down test in a showroom would help the buyer to gauge if the mattress is right for them, something you obviously cannot do when ordering a mattress online. But surprisingly enough, a survey conducted by reveals the opposite to be true. Although it is hard to pin down the exact reason why these were the results, a few theories are likely:


#1 – Better Deals

It is easier to be “satisfied with your mattress” if you didn’t pay an arm and a leg for it. So anyone who bought a comparable mattress online for cheaper than they would have paid in a showroom, is more likely to feel good about their purchase, even if the product is the same.



*Online price from, Showroom price from Tempurpedic

#2 – No sales pressure or upselling

Unfortunately, salespeople and showrooms don’t always have the customer’s best interest at heart. Getting you to upgrade from a middle-of-the-road priced, semi-firm mattress, to an ultra-plush that nets them a little more commission, might mean the difference between sufficient and insufficient support for your body type or sleeping method. When shopping online, you can take your time, research the products you are considering, more easily find reviews, and access other information like warranties more easily than you can in a showroom with someone waiting on you.


#3 – Misleading test run

Laying down in a bed for a few minutes (or seconds) does not accurately reflect a full night’s sleep of 8 hours. An ultra-plush or firm mattress might feel nice for a minute in the showroom, but might be too unsupportive or too hard to give you a restful sleep night after night. The same way fast food tastes good occasionally, but that doesn’t mean you would want to eat it for every meal!



These theories could explain why the study results are contradictory to most people’s initial assumption, but either way, numbers don’t lie. US-Mattress is proud to provide their customers with the best prices, best products, and best information to make the right purchase. You won’t find a better avenue anywhere for achieving owner satisfaction when buying a new mattress.

Mattress Edge Support

March 17, 2015


Mattress edge support is something many mattress customers often overlook when in the market for a new bed. They crawl right into the center of a showroom bed, lay down for a few seconds, then hop out and try another. Especially for those who share a bed, mattress edge support can be a crucial aspect for you and your partner achieving a good night’s sleep. Even if you don’t share a bed, you might be an active sleeper or frequently sit on the edge of your bed. The smaller the size of your mattress, the more mattress edge support comes into play. Usually, a couple can share a king size bed without edge support being too crucial, but it is highly recommended when sharing a queen size or smaller that you get a mattress with proper edge support. As for single sleepers, I have always been tall and a VERY active sleeper. I can tell you from personal experience that proper edge support can essentially make or break a bed.

So what is mattress edge support? How can you tell if a mattress has it? Are there different kinds? Are some better than others? These are all questions I hope to answer for you here.

What is mattress edge support?

Mattress edge support is probably exactly what you think it is: designs that provide support from edge to edge, corner to corner, without experiencing “roll-off” or reduced comfort. This can be obtained in several ways, but essentially the idea for every method is the same: maintain support as you get farther from the center of the bed.

How can you tell if a mattress has edge support?

Most modern mattresses have some form of mattress edge support. But to tell if the manufacturer built the bed with mattress edge support in mind, the best way is to look at the bed’s features for phrases like “edge support,” or terms like you will see in the next section.

Are there different kinds of mattress edge support?

Yes! Here are the most common and effective mattress edge support mechanisms you will likely encounter:

  • Foam Encasement – Although the use of this term can vary from mattress to mattress, this usually means replacing the coils at the edges of the mattress with polyurethane foam that can differ in density and thickness to achieve an accurate level of comfort and support, difficult to achieve with coils.
  • Heavy duty border rods or border wires – This mechanism is simply using a rod or wire of varying thickness (or “gauge”) to enclose the perimeter of the coil springs. This binding keeps the edge coils tight, so they don’t create “roll-off,” but can be uncomfortable if laying or sitting on the edge of the bed.
  • Wire tied coil springs – This technology essentially links neighboring coils together so they work as a team to offer support, rather than individually. This helps to strength the coils on the mattress edges by offering support from their neighbors.
  • Additional coils – A simple solution for mattress edge support is to simply add more coils around the edges for a denser, more supportive bunching. This can make the edges firmer than the rest of the mattress.
  • Heavier gauge coil springs – Essentially the same as above, thicker coils mean more support, and usually a firmer comfort level.

Are some mattress edge support mechanisms better than other?

Just as with types of mattresses (innerspring vs. memory foam, for example) there are differences, but preference is generally a subjective choice. You may find one type of mattress edge support more comfortable than someone else. You may like a small support difference in different locations of the mattress. And you will often not have the option to pick and choose a mattress type and edge support type (non-hybrid memory foam mattresses are obviously limited to the non-coil mechanisms, for example). But keep a look out for one or more of these technologies when looking for a mattress with good edge support, and note that many times these mechanisms will have a manufacturer specific brand name.


Learn more here and keep informed! A mattress is a long-term investment!

What’s That Smell?

November 25, 2014

Serta iComfort Savant Everfeel Plush Mattress

So you’ve purchased a new mattress. You’ve made a good investment, you’re excited to sleep better — but wait.

What’s that smell?

Your mattress has a chemical or mildewy smell, and you’re not sure why. Yeah, it’s brand new, but the mattresses at the store didn’t smell like this. The mattress is experiencing off-gassing, which is what happens when you take a new mattress out of its packaging. Reliable mattress companies like Serta, Sealy, and Simmons manufacture their mattresses in factories, where the mattresses are vacuum-sealed within minutes of completion. They have very little time to air out, so when you unwrap your new mattress, it’s going to air out in your home.

This isn’t as much of a problem during the warmer months, when you have your windows open — but in the winter months, it can take up to several weeks for the chemical smell to dissipate. Memory foam mattresses especially are known for a strong off-gassing odor. However, don’t let this deter you. This is entirely natural for any and every new mattress, since it has been sealed almost immediately to make sure that it stays clean and undamaged.

The best thing to do is to wait it out. This may not seem like the most helpful advice, but if you spray anything on your mattress, you run the risk of ruining your warranty. There are some natural air deodorizers, such as white vinegar and cut onions, which you can place in bowls around your bedroom to help soak up the smell.

This “new mattress” smell is nothing to worry about. It may not be as nice as a “new car” smell, but remember — your old mattress had to air out, as did the one you tried out at the store. If you do want to contact someone about the typical length of time for off-gassing, the manufacturer is your best source.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

A Christmas Story (But Not That Christmas Story)

December 20, 2012

Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 11.00.03 AM

     With Christmas quickly approaching, the Garner family was preparing for their annual trip to Aunt Carol and Uncle Dom’s for the family holiday celebration. The trip was something of a highlight when the kids were younger, but now that they were older with lives of their own, the trip had lost a lot of its luster.
     “I don’t want to go. At all,” said Stephanie, the youngest (and loudest) member or the Garner family. “I hate it there. It’s not fun. It’s just a bunch of old people playing cards and talking about that one Christmas when Uncle Walter backed the station wagon into the garage and the reindeer came flying off of the roof. Well guess what? I’ve heard that story. It’s a lousy story, and I don’t care about fat old Uncle Walter’s driving record.”
     “Stephanie, we all know how you feel about this. You’ve been yelling about it all week,” Hank Garner said, impatient with his daughter whom he found pretty annoying – probably more annoying than a father should find his own daughter.
     “Dad, you don’t even like going. You always say that your favorite part about the trip to Aunt Carol and Uncle Dom’s is the ride back home. I don’t know why we still have to go to this,” Stephanie shouted from an adjacent room.
     Nancy Garner shook her head as she scraped the remnants of that morning’s breakfast off of a skillet that had seen better years and happier Christmases. She liked these trips with the family, and even now that things had changed, she still saw it as an opportunity to enjoy her children, her husband, and the life they’ve made for themselves. She didn’t even mind the long, ear shattering ride with Stephanie, who had never quite mastered the art of the inside voice. Nancy was the kind of person who always had the Christmas spirit about her. It was her favorite holiday, her favorite time of year, and the source of her most cherished memories. Even in the hot, sundried months of summer, the whistling tune of “White Christmas” was never far from her lips.
     “Oh Stephanie, calm down. You’ll have a nice time. Anyway, what makes you think we’re excited that you’re coming? Honey, we love you, but you’re just so loud,” Nancy said, as lovingly as possible.
     “Whatever!” said Stephanie too loudly.

     As the Garners rode along in their car (Stephanie and older brother Rob in the back seat and Hank and Nancy in the front), they were slowly becoming less despondent about the trip. At one point they even started singing Christmas carols. That is, until Stephanie chimed in and ruined it for everybody. See, she does that. The trip to Aunt Carol and Uncle Dom’s took about four hours, and when the Garners arrived, they were more than ready to kick back and enjoy the spoils of the season – Aunt Carol’s cookies, Cousin Sherwood’s gingerbread houses, and Uncle Dom’s train set (that nobody was allowed to touch). It was actually shaping out to be a nice day. This was the first Christmas in a long time that Stephanie and Rob got along with each other. Hank even played backgammon with Uncle Rufus who, as everyone knows, is ridiculously good at backgammon. Yep, things were really looking good for the Garner Christmas. Until the night came, and it was time for bed.

Just three months earlier, Nancy received a phone call from Aunt Carol that went something like this:

Nancy: Hello?
Aunt Carol: Nancy! Listen, I’m glad I caught you.
Nancy: Well I’m fine, Aunt Carol. Thanks for asking.
Aunt Carol: Yeah. Guess what?
Nancy: What? Look, Aunt Carol, I’m really busy. Is this imp-
Aunt Carol: We finally got new mattresses for the guest rooms!
Nancy: Well…great! Congratulations. That’s fantastic.
Aunt Carol: Yep! You see, Hank called us a few weeks ago and said that he wasn’t sure if your family would be coming for Christmas this year, what with your back and all.
Nancy: My back?
Aunt Carol: Yeah, your bad back. Hank said he felt just terrible telling us, but that you were in quite a bit of pain. Anyway, you don’t need to worry. We got NEW mattresses. In all of the guest rooms!
Nancy: Oh, Aunt Carol you shouldn’t have. You didn’t need to spend all that mo-
Aunt Carol: Nonsense! It just wouldn’t be Christmas without you. And anyway, I got a great price at the discount mattress outlet. You won’t believe the deal I got!
Nancy: That must have cost you hundreds!
Aunt Carol: We got a great deal! I’ve never heard of the brand, but the salesman said it was a great deal!
Nancy: Well, fantastic! Look, I’ve got to run. Thanks for the call, and we’ll see you at Christma-
Aunt Carol: Oh hey, while we’re on the subject of Christmas, do you think Stephanie would mind sleeping in the basement? It’s just that she’s so-
Nancy: That would be great.

     So, anyway, the Garner family was looking forward to getting some much needed sleep on Aunt Carol and Uncle Dom’s new mattresses. But that didn’t happen, and the next morning, the scene was radically different from the previous day.
     ”My back hurts!” yelled Stephanie, first thing in the morning like anybody wanted to hear that. “Mom! I thought they got new mattresses! I tossed and turned all night! And it smelled, Mom! It smelled like wood chips and worcestershire sauce!”
     ”We slept pretty bad too. Hank, get up. Look, I didn’t have a back problem before, but now I think I do.” Nancy said, more than a little annoyed.
     ”My neck! Ow! Owwww! My neck!” said Rob, probably exaggerating a little bit because he always did that.
     ”That’s it! We’re leaving! I can’t handle another night like this!” said Hank, annoyed and uncomfortable, but also a little grateful for an excuse to leave.

     And so, abruptly and without notice, the Garners left and went home to celebrate Christmas somewhere they could get a decent night of sleep. Aunt Carol and Uncle Dom were pretty offended and upset, but I guess that’s what you get when you buy a no name mattress from an untrusted discount store. If they would have shopped at, they would have gotten a great deal on a mattress made by a trusted and known manufacturer. They would have provided a comfortable and supportive place for their guests to sleep.

But hey, this doesn’t have to happen to you! Next time you’re shopping for guest mattresses, invest in an affordable mattress from a reputable manufacturer rather than settling on something just because it’s cheap. You (and more importantly, your guests) will be glad that you did!

And from all of us at, we wish you and your families a very happy and healthy holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

The Snooze Guru

Serta Perfect Day

September 4, 2012

Dear Snooze Guru,

I read a recent post of yours about Serta mattresses, and I am interested in purchasing one for myself. Hey, why not, right? I mean, they ARE the #1 mattress manufacturer in the country. Can you give me more information on the Serta Perfect Day series? I want to make sure I make the right purchase!

-Tom from Danville, IL

Dear Tom,

You’re making an excellent choice with a Perfect Day mattress. Serta’s premium mattress selection features the new revolutionary iSeries technology, combining the finest comfort innovation with their most advanced coil support system.

iSeries Technology

The perfect combination of support and comfort, Serta Perfect Day iSeries mattresses combine Cool Action Gel Memory Foam with their advanced Duet Coil system, an individually wrapped Coil-in-Coil Support System designed to contour to every curve in your body while providing deep down support. Perfect Day iSeries mattresses sleep cooler than other models, provide better back support, and transfer less motion between partners. Sleep on a Perfect Day and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. It’s no wonder Serta stands as America’s #1 mattress manufacturer. Their commitment to quality and innovation sets them apart from the competition. When you buy a Serta Perfect Day mattress, you’re not just improving your quality of sleep. You’re improving your quality of life.

Shop for your Serta Perfect Day mattress at and enjoy free shipping on your order. And with a 100-day comfort guarantee, you won’t have to worry about being stuck with a mattress that isn’t right for you. Find yours today!

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

Luxury Fibers

July 10, 2012

Dear Snooze Guru,

My children tell me that I am an old man. Like I don’t know this. Heck, when I was a kid, an iPad was something you tied around your eyes to protect them from gigantic bully fists. Of course, you couldn’t see them coming. But my kids seem to think I’m oblivious to these times. They laugh when they say things to me like, “Hey Dad, did you set up your hoozie whatsi on the iFace Nookpod Droid?” And apparently I’m the crazy one. Last night, my son called me about a sale at a furniture store. He said, “Dad you’ve been sleeping on that same mattress since the NIXON administration!” Then he starts talking to me about all sorts of mattress mumbo jumbo. Support, comfort, luxury. Luxury? When I was a kid, sleeping comfortably and luxuriously meant climbing on top of Uncle Harold’s stomach after he dozed off on the couch. Of course, you couldn’t be afraid of heights.

Anyway, Guru, what’s all this about luxury mattress fibers? Please, educate me so I can keep the laughs at bay.

Glen from Norfolk, VA

Dear Glen,

I’d be glad to clear this up for you! Sure, when you hear the words luxury-mattress-fibers, you might feel like you’re subject to just another gimmick to get you to spend more money on a mattress. While these luxury materials do make for a more expensive sleep set, you’ll often find that they create a healthier and safer sleep experience that you’ll appreciate year after year.

You hear a lot about the inside of a mattress when you’re shopping for a sleep set. You pay attention to coil count and gauge. You learn about comfort materials within. But do you consider the outer shell of the mattress? Luxury mattress fibers like alpaca, a very soft hypoallergenic and fire-resistant thread, offer additional benefits to the sleep experience. Cashmere is a popular material in the ticking (outer shell) of a mattress because it gives a soft, cushioning feeling while helping to regulate moisture and body temperature. Outlast® and Coolmax® are other luxury fibers that help wick away moisture, control temperature, and resist fire.

If you’re shopping for a mattress that you want to stick with for a long time, then pay close attention to what kinds of luxury fibers comprise the mattress ticking. You deserve the best sleep, so find the luxury mattress fibers that will help you get it.

Sleep Well,

Snooze Guru

Why Buy Online?

June 28, 2012

Dear Snooze Guru,

I have been a faithful reader of your blog for at LEAST three weeks. I love all of your tips about bedding and sleep stuff. But, if I can be completely honest with you – like, if I can be totally candid – I’m not sure you’ve sold me on buying a mattress online. I mean, isn’t it kind of risky? How can I REALLY be sure everything will work out and I’ll be happy with my purchase? I’m nervous about buying a mattress online. Snooze Guru, what should I do?

-Diane from Utah

Diane’s concerns aren’t uncommon. When you make a big purchase (and a mattress is certainly a big purchase), you want to confidently make the right decision. Unfortunately, since scamming and fraud are so common today, the thought of making a big purchase online can be a little scary. Certainly a number of things could go badly, but if you buy from a trusted internet retailer, then you should feel confident that your purchase will be a safe and secure experience.

Shopping Comfortably

In her letter, Diane mentioned purchase satisfaction as a reason for her apprehension. Some people feel insecure purchasing a mattress that they haven’t physically tested. US-Mattress makes it easy for you to make the right choice. The 10-point Comfort Scale allows you to discern your level of comfort to narrow your search. Also, the printable Shoppers Guide allows you to go to brick and mortar stores to gather information from other mattresses and then compare them to those on the site. It’s a great option for those who don’t like to purchase anything sight unseen. Also, to give you even more confidence to shop online, US-Mattress guarantees your comfort. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress after 100 days, you can exchange it for another one.

Additionally, US-Mattress has a friendly and knowledgeable staff of mattress experts and customer service representatives who are glad to help in any way they can. Give them a call at any time during the shopping process, and they’ll use every resource they have to answer your questions. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather shop that way rather than with some coffee-breathed guy in a cheap suit walking me down the mattress aisle trying to point me toward the most expensive model.

With a number of resources to make your shopping experience easier, and over three months to decide if you find the mattress comfortable, US-Mattress takes the uncertainty out of shopping online. While purchasing big ticket items online can be unnerving, you can feel secure knowing that US-Mattress will help you get exactly what you want.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that US-Mattress offers free delivery on every order. So, at the very least, you won’t have to look like this guy while you try to move your mattress. Or five of your mattresses.


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