The Vispring Classic Superb Mattress

January 26, 2016

The Vispring Classic Superb is the fourth model from Vispring and the first model to use two layers of hand-nested calico pocket springs for support. It also uses more horsetail in its comfort layers than any of the previous Vispring models for a springy, supportive, and breathable mattress.

The Classic Superb is one of the newer models in the Vispring line, and was created to take full advantage of the unique benefits of horsetail. Horsetail has been used for centuries and is known for its ultra-comfortable blend of softness and support. It also has an open structure which helps facilitate air circulation and it bounces back after use to keep your mattress looking and feeling like new. Vispring uses only the finest Austrian horsehair, untwisted by hand, some of the longest natural fibers in the world. Other luxury comfort materials include two layers of Platinum Certified British fleece wool which is not only soft, but naturally regulates temperature and wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable all night long.

The Classic Superb uses two layers of hand-nested calico pocket springs which are placed in a honeycomb pattern for minimal gaps in the support system. The quilt of the Vispring Classic Superb is made from luxury Belgian fabrics woven so tightly that dust mites and skin cells can’t penetrate and collect like in many other mattresses. This keeps the comfort materials fresh and promotes one of the healthiest sleep environments in bedding today. The quilt is hand-tufted with felt washers to keep the comfort materials from shifting, ensuring decades of nightly use.

Vispring Classic Superb Mattress unmade

For specifics on the high-end comfort layers that make up the Vispring Classic Superb, here are the numbers:

  • 1.0 oz/sqft (300 g/sqm) British fleece wool
  • 7.0 oz/sqft (2135 g/sqm) loose hand teased long strand horsetail
  • 1.0 oz/sqft (300 g/sqm) British fleece wool

Beneath these comfort layers, honeycomb nested stacked pocket coils made from virgin Vanadium steel are used to provide core support while remaining flexible and reactive. Two layers of these coils are used to fine-tune support to the curves of your body. In addition, the coil gauges used in your Vispring will be specially selected based on your specific body type. Nine different coil gauges can be chosen based on your height, weight, and body type, and these coil gauges may also be mixed to accommodate couples or achieve other effects. All of this is held together by three rows of side stitching, done by hand, to make good on Vispring’s lifetime warranty provided on every mattress they make.

Vispring Classic Superb Mattress room scene

Quality Vispring sleep doesn’t stop with the mattress, even the box spring of the Classic Superb features its own set of honeycomb nested pocket coils covered with a 3.9 oz/sq ft coir pad and 3.9 oz/sq ft blended cotton and wool. No other box spring compares to a Vispring box spring, and some mattresses even pale in comparison to the comfort layers used in Vispring’s box springs.

Each Vispring order is made from scratch, by hand, in the UK. You can order your very own custom Vispring mattress through US-Mattress for the lowest price available anywhere. Give us a call today at 1-800-455-1052 to place your order, or learn more about Vispring mattresses on our website.

The Vispring Regal Superb Mattress

January 20, 2016

Vispring Regal Superb uncovered

The Vispring Regal Superb is the third Vispring model and a step outside of the value price range. The Regal Superb costs roughly twice as much as the entry-level Vispring Elite, using higher quality comfort materials and a higher coil count. For those who want more than just basic luxury-level standards, the Vispring Regal Superb is well above the line that separates standard mattresses from the luxury class.

The Regal Superb introduces premium horsetail to Vispring’s comfort materials, resulting in an unavoidable price increase, but still represents one of the best values from the luxury mattress category. Like all Visprings, the Regal Superb is custom-made for each individual sleeper. The coil gauge used is chosen based on your weight, height, and body type to provide the perfect level of comfort. If you’re looking to make an investment in your sleep, Vispring mattresses are built with heirloom level craftsmanship and a lifetime guarantee.

The quilt is made from premium Belgian damask that is woven incredibly tightly so that dust mites and skin cells can’t penetrate and collect in the mattress. This creates a uniquely healthy sleep environment and ensures that the comfort layers will remain in like-new condition for decades. Premium comfort layers include bonded Platinum Certified British fleece wool and cotton, long-strand horsetail blended with British fleece wool, and blended Platinum Certified real Shetland wool and cotton. Horsetail has been used for centuries and is well-known for its unparalleled springiness, natural resilience, and open structure that allows for better air circulation. The Vispring Regal Superb is also the first model to feature Shetland wool, an ultra-premium wool from the Shetland Isles that is widely considered to be the finest wool in the world. Shetland wool is not only soft and luxurious, but acts as a temperature-regulating material to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

While the premium comfort materials provide pressure relief, the hand-nested calico pocket spring system delivers the support your body needs. This coil system features a honeycomb design with less gaps in-between the coils to ensure more uniform support across the sleeping surface. More importantly, the coil gauge used is determined by your individual body type resulting in a custom-made mattress just for you. This is one of the best features of a Vispring mattress and a main reason why they feel so luxurious. Sturdy handles are also included to make it easy to flip and rotate your mattress on a regular basis to keep it feeling new.

Vispring Regal Superb room scene

For more detailed specifications, the Vispring Regal Superb features 3.3 oz/sqft (1000 g/sqm) of British fleece wool and cotton, 3.9 oz/sqft (1200 g/sqm) of long strand horsetail blended with British fleece wool, and 3.0 oz/sqft (900 g/sqm) of blended Shetland fleece wool and cotton. The coil system consists of honeycomb nested, stacked pocket coils made from virgin Vanadium steel for the best durability and resiliency. Again, the coil gauge is determined based on your body type, height, and weight for optimum levels of comfort and support. All of this is contained within a premium quilt and held together by three rows of side stitching done by hand.

Vispring box springs are of such high-quality that you could even sleep on the box spring itself. These aren’t the wooden slats you’re familiar with from other brands, but feature honeycomb nested pocket coils covered with a 3.9 oz/sq ft coir pad and 3.9 oz/sq ft blended cotton and wool similar to the mattress itself. This combination of box spring and mattress creates an unparalleled level of comfort and shock absorption to significantly reduce wear on the sleep set.

Vispring is a company focused on custom-quality and customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to offer options like the Super King size and other customization options. Vispring is happy to meet the needs of any of their customers, so if you want an unusual size, material substitution, or another request, they are happy to do what they can since they are making your mattress from scratch just for you. With that level of quality and service it is no wonder Vispring has been around for over a century, handcrafting some of the world’s best mattresses and being used in venues as prestigious as the Waldorf Astoria Chicago and even the first-class cabins of the Titanic. Invest in a lifetime of top-quality sleep with a Vispring mattress.

The Vispring Coronet Mattress

January 12, 2016


The Vispring Coronet is a step above the entry-level Vispring Elite, offering minor upgrades to the basic design while still remaining in an affordable price range. The Coronet features more coils than the Vispring Elite for a more substantial overall feel. All Vispring mattresses use hand-nested honeycomb stacked pocket coils made from virgin Vanadium steel for long-lasting support and resiliency. The gauge of these coils is determined by your body type, height, and weight for custom comfort perfectly suited to you. The comfort materials are very similar to the Elite, including 4.3 oz/sqft (1350 g/sqm) British fleece wool and cotton, two layers of 1.0 oz/sqft (300 g/sqm) British fleece wool, and 3.9 oz/sqft (1200 g/sqm) blended British fleece wool and cotton. Two rows of side stitching are done by hand for the highest quality fastening that is sure to hold strong for the life of the mattress.


Vispring mattresses have a gradual range of price points with the Coronet and Elite both being relatively affordable, especially considering their longer-than-average life expectancy. For the best prices on any of the Vispring models, visit! If you have additional questions or concerns, or want to place a custom mattress order from Vispring, contact us on our website or give us a call at 1-800-455-1052.

The Vispring Elite Mattress

January 5, 2016

A Vispring mattress in the bedding industry is the equivalent of a Rolls-Royce in the auto industry. Vispring mattresses are some of the finest products in the mattress world and owning one is not only a status symbol, but a way to achieve the highest quality sleep possible night after night for the rest of your life. Every Vispring mattress is handmade from top to bottom using only the highest quality natural materials like Shetland wool, British fleece, Chinese silk, and Peruvian vicuna. All Vispring mattresses use hand-nested coils in a honeycomb pattern made from virgin Vanadium steel for the most durable and resilient support system possible. These springs will be made from a gauge to accommodate your specific body type to provide you with the perfect levels of contouring and support, fitting you perfectly like a tailored piece of fine clothing.

Vispring Elite uncovered

The Vispring Elite is the entry-level model from Vispring, the equivalent of a high-end car without the optional package features. The Vispring Elite will still probably be the most comfortable mattress you’ve ever slept on, and with its lifetime warranty it is a better value than most of the mass-produced options out there. The comfort layers consist of Platinum Certified British fleece, wool, and cotton. These all-natural comfort materials are not only soft and sumptuous, but they also wick away moisture and breathe well for a comfortable sleep environment. The specifications for these comfort layers are a 4.5 oz/sqft (1350 g/sqm) of British fleece, wool, and cotton and two layers of 3.0 oz/sqft (900 g/sqm) blended Britsh fleece, wool, and cotton. These layers create comfortable padding on top of the coil system to keep every inch of your body padded and supported effectively.

Vispring Elite covered

By investing in a Vispring now, you can experience luxury-level sleep every night for the rest of your life rather than buying a lower-quality mattress every ten years or so. This makes the value of a Vispring comparable to other models when looking at price vs. durability, without even taking into consideration the immeasurable increase in comfort and sleep quality you can expect from a handmade Vispring. Shop our selection of Vispring models for the best prices available anywhere, and give us a call to learn more about custom Vispring orders.

Simple Series #4: Shop 24/7/365

December 28, 2015

US-Mattress logo

Shopping for a new mattress can be a daunting and time-consuming task, which is why many of us put it off for longer than we should. A big problem for me is not wanting to spend an evening in a showroom. About the last thing I want to do after leaving work is go stand around a showroom and talk to a salesperson about which mattress I wanted to spend a month’s salary on. Your options are basically to either to go after work and sacrifice an evening (or a few evenings), go on the weekend and sacrifice most of your Saturday (some places are also open on Sunday), or just not go and put up with an inadequate mattress. None of these are fun options.

At US-Mattress you can shop online 24/7/365. You can shop on your holidays, shop before (or evening during) your workday, jump online during a bout of insomnia at 2 in the morning, or any other time that suits you. No more choosing between a new mattress and quality time with the family, and you don’t even have to leave home! Watch TV while you shop on commercials, or shop while you Facebook, or shop in one tab while you look up reviews in another. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. You’ll save time and money, and we’ll send the mattress to you for free, so no worrying about how to get it home without shelling out even more for the showroom to deliver. Talk about simple.

Simple Series #3: Lowest Price Guarantee

December 22, 2015

lowest price guarantee tag

Shopping for a new mattress can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, which is why most people put it off for longer than they probably should. Driving to showrooms, testing out beds, talking with salespeople, price comparing — it can get tedious and eat up a few evenings pretty easily. But the time spent is usually worth it because you are making an investment and want to be sure you are getting the best bang for you buck. You don’t want to spend more than you need to being upsold by a salesperson, and it would be equally bad to drop a lesser (but still substantial) amount of money on a mattress that will need to be replaced again sooner than expected.

At US-Mattress we have addressed a few of these issues to make the mattress buying process less of a chore. There is no driving to showrooms, no salespeople or sales pressure, and, best of all, no need to spend hours price comparing. US-Mattress has a steadfast lowest price guarantee where we diligently seek to have the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere, online or in-store, on all of the products we offer. We check the competition, we work with the manufacturers, and we have a more efficient business model that allows us to offer the same great products at lower prices than the competition. You can shop with us confident that we have the best prices on whatever you’re looking for, and if by some fluke you do find a lower price elsewhere (before, or up to 30 days after your purchase) we will match 110% of the price difference! We make shopping simple, and save you money along the way. Why go anywhere else?

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Simple Series #2: Free Shipping

December 15, 2015

Free shipping map

There’s not much that needs to be said. We offer a free shipping option on all of our products, to anywhere that is road accessible within the continental United States. Whether you are ordering a mattress, bed, pillow, furniture, or linens, you’ll pay the price you see on our product pages without any hidden shipping and “handling” charges. We factor in the cost of all products and shipping to present you with one simple number that you pay. No matter if you’re ordering a single pillow or furniture for the entire home, you’ll get free shipping on everything. Simple.


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