Did you know we sell Pet Beds?

November 3, 2015

sealy-bella-dog-bed-1 - pet bed

That’s right! We want to provide great sleep no matter your budget, comfort preferences, or species! US-Mattress carries a small selection of pet beds suitable for dogs and cats so you can get your best friend a comfortable new bed to go along with yours. These pet beds are made by our mattress and furniture providers like Sealy, Natura, and Uttermost so you can expect them to be high-quality products that won’t fall apart after a few weeks. We have different sizes from small dog to large dog, so no matter what type of dog or cat you have (or ferret, or miniature pig, or duck, or chicken, etc.) we probably have a size that will fit them comfortably. So if you are looking for a high-quality pet bed for your little guy or girl, check out what we have to offer and buy them a comfortable, quality product that will last.

sealy-max-dog-bed-3 - pet bed

Introducing: Aireloom Mattresses

September 3, 2015


If you’re in the market for a sleep experience beyond your typical mattress, we have exactly what you’re looking for. We are extremely pleased to announce that we now carry Aireloom mattresses — some of the best mattresses available today.

Founded in 1940, Aireloom has been handcrafting mattresses according only to their own standards. While most mattress brands make models that are almost directly comparable, Aireloom’s mattresses are made more slowly, more carefully, and with better materials. If a mattress can truly embody the meaning of luxury, an Aireloom mattress certainly does it.

Aireloom defines itself by these three tenets: its California Design, its Patented Aireloom Lift, and its Handmade construction.

  • California Design: Inspired by the landscape of the Golden State, Aireloom’s mattress artisans strive to build each mattress with care and precision. They take the distinctive beauty of the California terrain and channel it into their passion for crafting uniquely luxurious mattresses each and every day.
  • Patented Aireloom Lift: Part of the luxury of an Aireloom mattress is its one-of-a-kind, patented design. They have eliminated the barrier between the comfort layers and the coils, which allows you to experience full enjoyment of every material in the mattress. No other company in the world makes their mattresses in the same manner.
  • Handmade: In keeping with their superior standards, each one of Aireloom’s mattresses is entirely handcrafted by a mattress artisan. With materials such as New Zealand Joma wool and pure staple cotton, they create a mattress designed to give you the utmost in comfort and support. They pay meticulous attention to every detail of construction so that you get the best mattress possible.

Visit US-Mattress.com to see our selection of Aireloom mattresses. Luxury like this doesn’t come cheap, but good sleep is priceless. We offer the best prices on the best mattresses in the industry.

Want to try it out in person? Visit our Metro Detroit showrooms to get a real taste of luxury.

Your Pet’s Sleep and You

August 6, 2015

Your Pet's Sleep and You

While most people will stress the quality of your sleep, it’s important to remember that if you let your pet sleep with you, their sleep is also important. Anyone who has spent a night with a cat or dog in their bed knows that when Fido and Fluffy have a rough night, generally you do too.

Typically, a dog needs about 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day, depending on the size of the breed, and cats require anywhere from 15 to 20 hours of shuteye. Just like humans, your pet will need more sleep if they’re babies or seniors. But unlike humans, both dogs and cats can sleep just about anywhere and anytime.

An average dog will spend about half its day sleeping, but not all in one long chuck like humans. Because they nap around all day at various intervals, they spend less time getting REM sleep, which is the most restorative sleep. These smaller REM cycles are the reason that they spend so much of the day asleep. Cats have a similar sleep pattern. Just like dogs, they prefer a series of naps throughout the day, which, again, causes shorter REM sleep and therefore, a need for more sleep.

While your dogs will probably sleep better at night — which is good for those of you who share your beds with them — a variety of factors can affect the quality of their sleep or yours. The fact that they don’t sleep for long periods of time like humans do can influence your sleep, especially if you have a larger dog. Regardless, any waking dog who moves around on your bed is going to potentially wake you up. If you have an older dog that can’t get up on your bed, any whining (for a variety of reasons) will probably affect your sleep as well.

As far as cats, it’s common knowledge that they’re nocturnal creatures. This is an obvious way that they’ll disrupt your sleep. However, many domestic cats will adjust their sleep schedule so that it resembles yours, which makes it easier for cat owners to get necessary shuteye.

So how do you make sure that your pet will sleep while you sleep? Even though they won’t sleep as long as you will, if you get them on a schedule, they’ll generally work their sleep schedule around yours. If you’re worried that they’ll want to run around while you’re slumbering, set aside some time during the day to play with them so that they’re tired out when it’s bedtime. When your dog or cat has had some exercise, their sleep with you will improve.

Help These Pets Find Homes! Part 4

July 23, 2015

Today we have a few more animals available for adoption from our charitable partner, the Michigan Humane Society. In four short videos, we have eight animals to feature. Check them out to see if one of these friendly critters would be a great fit for your home and family!

First up, we have Phil, an 8-year-old Miniature Pinscher. His personality is already established, but that’s okay, because he is known for being a super easy-going little guy. Phil doesn’t have any history with kids, cats, or other dogs, but he’s so easy to get along with that it shouldn’t be a problem to introduce him to your family.


Petey is our second animal up for adoption. He’s an 8-month-old Lab mix with a cute face and an energetic nature. Petey is incredibly playful and friendly, and with the right amount of obedience training, he’ll be the perfect fit for any active family.


Here we have some 12-week-old kittens who are all looking for loving homes. AJ, Bryan, Howie, Nick, and Kevin are a litter of brothers, although they don’t all need to go to the same home. These little guys are a bit shy — but given time, space, and love, they’ll transition into friendly, endearing members of your family.


Our last adoptable animal is James, a one-year-old domestic shorthair cat. He’s a great choice for anyone looking to share their love and their lap with a furry friend. He’s very relaxed and easy to get along with, so even though he has no history with kids, dogs, or other cats, his pleasant personality will make him an easy fit for your family.


Each one of these cats and dogs is ready for their new family! Even if you can’t adopt, help them find their forever home by sharing this post with your friends and family. To help make each animal’s transition a little bit easier, US-Mattress will give a free pet bed to anyone who adopts one of them.

In our last Michigan Humane Society post, we featured a few other cats and dogs who were looking for new homes. We are pleased to say that Travis and Tom, both cats, were adopted.

If you can’t adopt right now, but you still want to help in some way, you can donate to the Michigan Humane Society on the US-Mattress website. We’ll match whatever you donate so that your contribution goes twice as far in the rescue of Detroit’s homeless animals.

Luxury Redefined: Vispring Mattresses

July 2, 2015

Vispring Luxury Mattresses

If you’re looking to take your sleep experience to the next level of luxury, you’ll want to check out Vispring, the line of mattresses available through US-Mattress. Vispring mattresses are known for being the cream of the crop, as each is hand-crafted with premium, all-natural materials. If you’re not sure exactly how high-end these mattresses are, just remember that they were used on the Titanic in the first-class cabins.

Vispring embodies the British ideal of distinction and leadership. No one in the mattress industry makes a mattress quite like Vispring because no one works to uphold the same standards.

Every single Vispring mattress is made by hand, with only the best natural fibers — including silk, cashmere, horsetail, and real Shetland wool. They even make their own Vanadium-steel springs, all of which are individually wrapped for the best blend of support and contouring. Then they layer the comfort materials over the springs to create a mattress worthy of the Queen herself.

Whether you choose the Masterpiece Vicuna, the Elite, or any of the choices in between, know that you’re getting one of the best possible mattresses available in today’s market.

Vispring Luxury Beds

Help These Pets Find Homes! Part 3

June 25, 2015

We’re back with a few more adoptable animals, thanks to our partnership with the Michigan Humane Society! We have six animals this time, all of whom are patiently waiting for a loving home. Check out these four videos to learn a little more about these adoptable cats and dogs!

Our first dog is Tiger, a young Plott Hound mix who loves meeting new people. He’ll play with you all day long if you let him. Tiger could benefit from a little obedience training, since he likes jumping up to greet people, but anyone who is up to the challenge will reap great rewards with this loving dog.

Teddy is our next dog, and he is a 6-year-old Plott Hound. Teddy is kind of a shy guy, but he gets along really well with both kids and adults once he comes out of his shell. Show him a little love by taking him for walks and by petting him, and he’ll warm up to you in no time!

There’s Lucky, who is perennially young at heart. He’s 12 years old, but he doesn’t know it! This low-key guy loves to play, and he’s always open to meeting new people and dogs. If you’re looking for a friend who dares to defy his age with his youthful attitude and vitality, Lucky is probably the perfect choice.

Last, but not least, we have Mark, Tom, and Travis the cats. These sweet brothers are a little shy, but all have been well socialized, having lived with other dogs and cats in the past. With a little love and affection, they’ll quickly come out of their shells to be part of your family. These guys don’t have to be adopted all together, but if there’s someone out there with a big enough heart, their transition to a new forever home would be extremely smooth.

Each of these animals is ready to find a family! Help find them new forever homes by sharing this post with friends and family, because every pet deserves to be loved. As one of the Michigan Humane Society’s charitable partners, US-Mattress will give a free pet bed to anyone who adopts these cats and dogs.

In our most recent MHS post, we featured four other animals who needed homes. Echo, a friendly little cat, was adopted, and she’s enjoying her new life with her new family.

If you can’t adopt right now, but you still want to help in some way, you can donate to the Michigan Humane Society on the US-Mattress website. We’ll match whatever you donate so that your contribution goes twice as far in the rescue of Detroit’s homeless animals.

What Is Percale?

May 14, 2015

Malouf Queen 400 Thread Count Italian Sheet Set
The more you look into buying new linens and textiles for your home, the more variation you’ll discover in the industry. One of the more complex aspects is the number of fabric weaves that exist.

The type of weave determines much about the fabric, including things like sheen, weight, and use. Percale is a very popular weave that has a very common use.

Percale is a very soft, light fabric that is often used in making bed sheets. The weave is very plain, yet very tight, and it has a high thread count — usually a minimum of 200. It’s often made of long-staple cotton, which is combed to remove the short, imperfect fibers. This way you get stronger threads that have a smaller chance of pilling.

All of these factors make percale a very good choice for something as essential and basic as sheets. If you’re anticipating summer heat, you’ll love the cool breathability of percale bedding. Brands such as Peacock Alley and Matouk are very well-known for the superior quality of their percale. Check out US-Mattress today to find fresh, comfortable summer linens!


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