What Is Percale?

May 14, 2015

Malouf Queen 400 Thread Count Italian Sheet Set
The more you look into buying new linens and textiles for your home, the more variation you’ll discover in the industry. One of the more complex aspects is the number of fabric weaves that exist.

The type of weave determines much about the fabric, including things like sheen, weight, and use. Percale is a very popular weave that has a very common use.

Percale is a very soft, light fabric that is often used in making bed sheets. The weave is very plain, yet very tight, and it has a high thread count — usually a minimum of 200. It’s often made of long-staple cotton, which is combed to remove the short, imperfect fibers. This way you get stronger threads that have a smaller chance of pilling.

All of these factors make percale a very good choice for something as essential and basic as sheets. If you’re anticipating summer heat, you’ll love the cool breathability of percale bedding. Brands such as Peacock Alley and Matouk are very well-known for the superior quality of their percale. Check out US-Mattress today to find fresh, comfortable summer linens!

Bedding Regulations and You

April 30, 2015

International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials

You may already know that bedding and furniture companies have to adhere to certain laws and regulations, but do you know who makes those edicts? There is a large association that is in charge of these international standards, and it’s made up of actual American officials who are in charge of enforcing the bedding and furniture laws in their own states.

The International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials (IABFLO) works to ensure that manufacturers not only meet certain requirements for their products, but also label said products correctly. For example, bedding made with down feathers can be labeled in several different ways according to the quality and quantity of down used. These different tiers for labeling let you know not only if the product contains actual down, but also if it meets high enough standards to be labeled as down, or even goose down or 100% down.

Since any potential furniture or bedding that you could buy has to meet these standards, you can have a certain degree of confidence when you purchase these home products. Plus, the people who make up the IABFLO are dedicated to enforcing the laws that they draw up, which makes it very difficult for any manufacturer to skirt the rules. So rest assured, because the furniture and bedding industry is in good hands.

Fabric Detailing

April 23, 2015

Matouk Newport Coverlet

Bedding and linens are an easy way to give your home a decorative, personal touch, and you’ll find that many high-end textiles feature embellishments and details that make them more unique and luxurious. We’ve gathered some of the more ambiguous terms and defined them so that you have a better understanding of quality linens.


An appliqué is a decorative piece of fabric that has been sewn onto the face of another material to embellish it. A lovely example of this is the Matouk Providence Coverlet, which uses this kind of detail to enhance their product with a simple yet sophisticated design.


An embossed fabric is one that features raised patterns or motifs on its surface. This is produced through a process where pressure is applied to the face of the fabric using heat and engraved rollers. You can see what embossing looks like on the Pem America Seasons Small Wedding Ring Embossed Comforter Set.


Embroidery is a decorative type of stitching that produces artful, raised designs on the surface of a fabric. A beautiful example of embroidery can be found in the detailed design of the Nina Ricci Marguerite Duvet Cover.


A fabric with eyelets features lots of small holes or tiny open spaces, each of which is edged with stitching for a raised, textured appearance. Eyelets often are part of a lace trim or design, and they give material a fancier or more delicate look. The floral eyelets on the trim of the Nina Ricci Pleiade Duvet Cover are a good example of this.


A flange on a pillow is an extra piece of material around the edge that creates a kind of border. This decorative strip of fabric has straight edges to give the pillow a clean, neat look. The Peacock Alley Lucia Matelasse Sham provides an excellent visual for this kind of decoration.

Piping or Cording

This is a cord that has a twisted appearance and which is used to decorate furniture and textiles, usually along the seams. The Capri Seaside Aruba with Gimp and Cord Accent Pillow by Eastern Accents shows you how this kind of embellishment can really pull a piece together.


A plissé finish results in a textured, puckered-looking fabric, much like seersucker. This effect is produced through the use of sodium hydroxide during the finishing process. A beautiful, light example of this kind of finish is the Matouk Plisse Coverlet.

We hope this helps you understand the textiles industry just a little bit better, even though this list includes just the more popular features, and is by no means totally exhaustive. We want you to be able to make the most educated purchase possible, especially when it comes to the fabrics that you’re treating yourself to.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

Help Us Help These Animals!

April 16, 2015

We’re back with another Michigan Humane Society feature! Today we have four more animals who are all ready for adoption. Check out these videos and help us spread the word to help them find their forever homes!

First up is Echo, a 1-year-old domestic shorthair cat who loves to be petted. She does best in a quieter family where she’s the only cat, but in an environment like that, she’ll flourish. Echo is low-key, so she’s up for petting, playing, or napping whenever you are.

Godiva is a young domestic shorthair cat who’s a little bit of a mystery. She loves to play and be active, but she doesn’t have any history with children or other pets — so she might get along really well with them, but she also might not. However, her love for playing and being petted could easily help her overcome any shyness with others.

There’s Tulip, a 4-year-old Pit Bull mix who loves to play. She’s an active and friendly, and she gets along with both people and other dogs, which is great if you have a family that includes animals. When she’s not running around, she loves to snuggle, so she’ll make herself a part of your family in no time.

Last, but not least, we have Rosie, a pretty hound/lab mix with lots of energy. Rosie loves to run around and play with other dogs, so she’s quite socialized and friendly. She could use a little training because she has so much energy, but if you live an active lifestyle, she could be the perfect dog for you.

Each of these adoptable animals has the potential to be a wonderful addition to your family, and thanks to the Michigan Humane Society’s efforts to save them, they have this chance. As a charitable partner of the MHS, US-Mattress is giving a free pet bed to the families who adopt these cats and dogs.

If you remember our last MHS feature, then you’ll be happy to know that Ed the cat, Athena the Pit Bull, and Bear the Shepherd/Lab mix were all adopted last time! These sweet animals are all enjoying their new homes with their forever families.

If you can’t adopt right now, but you still want to help in some way, you can donate to the Michigan Humane Society on the US-Mattress website. We’ll match whatever you donate so that your contribution goes twice as far in the rescue of Detroit’s homeless animals.

The New Jefferys Bay Mattress

April 9, 2015

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Liberty Point Luxury Firm Mattress

Every now and then, mattress companies make changes to their collections or even to specific mattresses. While it’s not always very noticeable, sometimes these changes can be confusing, especially if not every consumer is aware of the change.

One recent, subtle change from Simmons is the name change for the Jefferys Bay Luxury Firm Mattress. It’s not an earth-shattering change by any means, but it can be confusing to customers who receive a word-of-mouth recommendation for this specific model, and then can’t find it when they search for it. The Jefferys Bay has been renamed as the Liberty Point Luxury Firm Mattress.

Just as it did when it was still the Jefferys Bay, the Liberty Point contains three different kinds of comfort padding layers: AirCool Memory Foam, AirCool Memory Foam with Micro Gel Touch, and Dynamic Response Memory Foam. These all help relieve pressure so that you sleep more restfully. Its individually wrapped coil system gives it better contouring ability, and even allows you to use it on an adjustable base.

Plus, it has a Comfort Scale of 3, which makes it a firm mattress. So you get good pressure relief and a solid, supportive feel, which is an excellent combination for anyone who needs something that feels a little harder than your average plush mattress.

It may not seem like a big deal if you weren’t looking for the Jefferys Bay mattress, but even so, the knowledge could come in handy. You never know.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

March 19, 2015

Serta Motion Custom Adjustable Base

While most people sleep on stationary beds and bases, a great option for anyone with back pain, swelling, or certain sleep conditions may find that an adjustable base provides a better night’s sleep. This kind of base, combined with a quality mattress, will help relieve a lot of common pain and problems that many people deal with on a nightly basis.

An adjustable base or bed allows you to customize the incline and angle at which you sleep. Depending on the kind you get, it can have more or fewer places for you to adjust. Generally, bases with more points of articulation will provide more health benefits.

Back Pain

With an adjustable base, you can arrange the angles to better match the natural position of your body when you lay flat. This will help provide better support to the lower spine, as well as the neck and shoulders. When your body is supported well, you’re less likely to experience pressure points as you sleep, which helps with conditions like sciatica, or other pain from trapped or pinched nerves.

Sleep Conditions

The ability to change the articulation of certain points in the mattress can greatly relieve some sleep conditions. Chronic snorers will want to angle the head of the mattress up, as this will help open up the windpipe so that air can travel easily. If you snore because of sleep apnea, you’ll find this extremely good for your health because it will help relieve obstruction. While an adjustable base won’t help every kind of sleep apnea, it certainly can help with some.


Anyone with sprains, breaks, or general swelling will also benefit from an adjustable base. These are all cases in which your doctor will tell you to elevate the swollen limb, and it’s much easier to maintain elevation when you can easily adjust the angle of the foot of your bed. This means that you no longer have to rely on a couple pillows to keep your extremities raised up — you can simply heighten part of your mattress.

If you’re in the market for an adjustable base, but you don’t know if your current mattress will work with one, you can watch this short video for a brief overview of the many kinds that are compatible.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

Brand Spotlight: Matouk

March 5, 2015

Matouk Nocturne Duvet Cover


One of the more high-end brands at US-Mattress is Matouk, a linens manufacturer based out of Massachusetts. Almost 100 years old, this company began as the brainchild of one immigrant man, and has now become one of the world’s finest creators of luxury linens.

Born in Damascus and trained in the Italian tradition of fine linen-making, John Matouk founded his company in 1929, when he moved overseas to America. Here he began selling his high-quality fabric, and even though America had just plummeted into the Great Depression, plenty of people recognized the worth of his linens and were willing to pay for it.

With the onset of World War II, he was unable to ship his materials from Italy to the United States, and so he moved all of his manufacturing to America. He also developed his own special fabric to take the place of linen when people could no longer access it. This new material became intensely popular and was established as Matouk’s first signature tablecloth.

After John Matouk’s death in 1963, his son George became president of the company — and during his time, he grew the brand until it became a maker of every array of household linens, acquiring status as a household name in the process.

At US-Mattress, you can find Matouk linens for every room in your home, at an affordable price. Their comprehensive inventory and dedication to the highest quality manufacture mean that you can fill your entire home with high-end linens, making life more comfortable in every space.


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