Establishing a Back-to-School Sleep Routine

August 19, 2014


Start the School Year Well-Rested

For most students, the school year is just a couple weeks away. For many parents, that means struggling to get their kids back into a healthy sleep routine. During the summer, it’s particularly difficult for teens to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, at least one that doesn’t entail strings of long nights spent out with friends and dozy mornings spent in bed. As the school year begins, it’s important for young children and teens to get enough sleep to perform at their highest potential both during and after school. As you prepare to send your children back to school, consider these helpful tips from the National Sleep Foundation that can help you both enjoy an easy transition from the freedom of summer to the disciplines of the fall.

  • From now until the school year begins, work with your child to agree on a sleep schedule. For younger children, set an earlier bedtime each night and an earlier wake-up time every morning.
  • Once you and your child agree about a sleep schedule, follow it closely. Establish a bedtime routine that helps your child wind down and relax. This could include activities such as a bed-time story for younger children, or a reading time for teens.
  • Cut off exposure to electronic distractions close to bedtime.
  • Of course, make sure your child also avoids caffeine and sugary drinks in the hours leading to bedtime.

By establishing and maintaining a healthy sleep routine, you and your child can enjoy a more restful and successful school year. Since rest is so vital to your child’s health, it’s important to find a mattress that is well suited to support a young, growing body. Head to or call 1-800-455-1052 to speak with a friendly expert who will be happy to help you find the perfect mattress.

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The Snooze Guru

Choosing Your Child’s Mattress

August 12, 2014


If you’re looking to purchase a mattress for your child, you might be tempted to buy the cheapest one out there. You might burst into your local brick and mortar furniture store, latch on to the first salesperson who offers you an eager greeting and say, “Look, I don’t have a lot of time. Or money. I need to get a mattress for my child, and I just don’t know what to buy. Give me something cheap, and give it to me soon. I can’t take this kid sleeping in our bed anymore. I’ve had seven cups of coffee every morning for the last 3 weeks, and my hair is starting to curl.” But be sure about one thing: buying any ol’ cheap mattress for your child is a bad idea.

Lasting Comfort and Durability

Parents take so many steps to ensure the safety of their children, but unfortunately, they commonly underestimate the role that their child’s mattress plays in the growing process. They think that the cheap mattress is the best one to buy because kids outgrow most things quickly. But while your kids might quickly outgrow shoes, clothes, and toys, they don’t necessarily outgrow their mattresses. If you want your child to sleep on the same mattress through their teen years, you should search for a high quality mattress that will last for at least ten years. While durability is important, you should also consider support when you buy your child a mattress. As your child’s body grows, it needs a mattress that will promote proper spinal alignment. You should also find out how your child sleeps (on his or her back, side, stomach), as this will help you narrow your search and make the best purchase.

You can find all of the best mattresses for children at US-Mattress. Every mattress set we sell will provide adequate support and comfort as your child grows into a young adult. Remember, although you may be tempted to buy a cheap “it’ll do for now” mattress, it’s best to give your child a supportive sleep surface that’s built to last.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

It’s Almost Time to Head Back to School!

July 31, 2014


It pains me to write it, but we’re entering the dog days of summer, and soon college campuses will be flooded with students coming back for another year of memories and, well, probably some math. If you’re heading back to school this fall, there’s no better place to shop than US-Mattress. Whether you’re looking for a new mattress, bedding, or furniture, you can get the lowest prices on the best brands when you shop with US-Mattress.


Spirited Bedding and Linens

Northwest Company and College Covers make great looking sports themed bedding and linens for most of the nations universities. Whether you’re looking for a spirited comforter, pillow case, valance, throw pillow, or even slippers, College Covers and Northwest Company have you covered! Shop through our collection of college themed bedding, and ensure you show up to school packing a lot of pride!



Every student needs a desk to study at, and no matter what kind of space you live in, you can find a desk to perfectly fit in any room. A wall mount desks is kind of like the Murphy bed of desks. You can pull it down while you’re working, and then close it up when you’re done. Most wall mount desks have plenty of room for a lap top, and many of them come with drawers and storage compartments that help you stay organized. Corner desks are also a good option for work space in a small room. They fit right into the corner of your wall, making the most of what is often wasted space. Corner desks also have deeper drawers than wall mount desks, so if you plan on storing a lot of study materials, then a corner desk might be a better option for you.

No matter what kind of furniture, bedding, or accessories you need to make this the best year of college, you can find them at US-Mattress. Shop today, and get everything you need before the summer’s over!

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Common Bedding Fabrics

July 29, 2014


While most of us put a lot of time into finding the right mattress, many of us don’t put much effort into finding the right bedding. But bedding plays a large role in our sleep experience. Without the right sheets on your bed, you won’t experience the full comfort potential of your mattress. At US-Mattress, you can shop through hundreds of bedding items to create the ideal sleep environment. But how do you know which materials and fabrics will deliver the comfort you’re seeking? The following fabrics are the most common types used in the bedding items on our site. Take a look and learn how to pick the items that will help you experience maximum comfort on your mattress.


There are many types of cotton used in bed sheets today. With varying degrees of softness, smoothness, and durability, you’re likely to find a cotton sheet that suits you. One popular type is combed cotton, which is formed by a process that removes short fibers and any other impurities in the material, resulting in a smooth, soft product. Egyptian cotton is another popular type of cotton. Grown only in Egypt, it is known worldwide as the strongest, most luxurious cotton. Purchasing an Egyptian cotton sheet set is a great way to ensure you experience exceptional softness.


When people think about polyester, they rarely think “comfortable.” But polyester has come a long way since it was found in the shoulder-reaching lapels of your dad’s prom tuxedo. While some polyester items can be scratchy and gritty, blends like microfiber are extremely soft. Polyester bedding also has some advantages over more natural feeling materials. Wrinkle resistance, durability, and high color retention are aspects of polyester that make it a smart choice for bedding. The longer your sheets and comforter keep their original look and feel, the longer you can go without spending money to replace them.


Wool is an excellent material to keep on your bed during the cold nights of winter. Wool comforters and throw blankets provide additional warmth and, because of their dense, strong construction, last for a long time. But wool doesn’t always have to provide excessive warmth. Many wool blends in sheets and comforters provide the same breathability as other, more airy materials. These blends can stay on your bed throughout the entire year and won’t cause overheating.

If it’s time for you to replace your sheets, head to US-Mattress to find the best selection and the lowest prices. You spend about a third of your life in bed. Why not make it more comfortable?

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

Design Weave Dreamaire Outlast Mattress Pad

July 22, 2014


The Solution to Sweaty Sleep

Although this summer has been fairly cool in many parts of the country, some are struggling through long, dry days and sleepless sweaty nights. Whether you’re tired of sweaty sleep or you’re tired because of sweaty sleep, the Design Weave Dreamaire Outlast Mattress Pad will help you establish the cool and comfortable environment you need to get the most out of your rest. The Dreamaire Mattress Pad features Outlast technology that was developed in conjunction with NASA to help astronauts cope with the extreme temperatures of outer space. It balances temperature with the microclimate surrounding a sleeper’s body to reduce night sweats and allow for a better quality of sleep. It is made from a soft and luxurious 350 thread count 100% long staple cotton, and it’s available in queen, king and Cal king sizes.

US-Mattress is your destination for the web’s lowest price on the Design Weave Dreamaire Outlast Mattress Pad, as well as everything else you need to create your ideal sleep environment. Shop today, and say goodbye to restless, sweaty nights.

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Camp in Comfort With an Air Mattress

July 8, 2014

Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 11.09.42 AM

Out With the Old, In With the New

To all of the campers who eagerly await trips into the sticks, only to lie awake staring at the stars through uncomfortable evening hours – an air mattress from US-Mattress is the perfect solution to your sleeplessness! If you haven’t slept on an air mattress in a while, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Today’s air mattresses provide exceptional comfort and support compared to those of the past, and since our collection is filled with air mattresses made by a trusted brand like Simmons, you can count on enjoying lasting quality and durability.

Years ago, air mattresses were floppy and unsupportive. If you ever spent a night on one, you probably woke up feeling sore and achy as you rolled off of the half-deflated blob. The air mattresses from Simmons have features like raised channel beam construction for ideal ergonomic support and a built in pillow for extra comfort. Also, they’re made out of heavy nylon, so you don’t have to worry about air leaking out while you sleep.

Head to US-Mattress today, and ensure that no matter where you sleep, you experience a comfortable and supportive night of rest. Find your new air mattress today!

Sleep Well,

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Finding the Right Pillow

June 26, 2014


With so many different types of pillows on the market today, it’s becoming more difficult for shoppers to easily identify which is the best choice for them. A comfortable pillow is necessary to get the kind of deep rest that every individual seeks, and sleeping on the wrong kind of pillow can leave you feeling sore and tired in the morning. Since finding the right pillow is just as important as finding the right mattress, US-Mattress offers a handy a Pillow Comfort Scale to help shoppers find the best pillows for the way they sleep. This 5-point scale is easy to use and it’s a valuable tool that helps shoppers accurately narrow their search and make the best purchase.

1: Firm
Firm pillows are ideal for side sleepers because they give the right amount of support to the neck, back, and shoulders. Firm pillows don’t conform as easily as softer pillows, so stomach sleepers should avoid these.

2: Medium-Firm
Pillows with medium-firmness are perfect for back and side sleepers who favor a firmer support, but also like to feel some cushioning.

3: Medium
Medium pillows are great for sleepers who change positions throughout the night, as well as those without a specific comfort preference. Unless you’re adamant about having a very soft or very firm pillow, you’ll likely find these pillows comfortable and supportive.

4: Medium-Soft
Medium-soft pillows are a great choice for back or stomach sleepers who have a preference for softer comfort. Back sleepers should be cautious when purchasing one of these. Larger bodied back sleepers will likely find these pillows too soft and unsupportive.

5: Soft
If you’re the kind of person who enjoys supreme softness, then you’ll enjoy pillows in this category. They are ideal for stomach sleepers who like to snuggle and scrunch their pillows at night. Most sleepers will find these pillows too soft, so make sure you really like a soft pillow before purchasing one with this rating.

Now that you have the tools you need, you’re just a few clicks away from finding the perfect pillow for the way you sleep. Choose your comfort level below, and find your new pillow today!

Sleep Well,

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The Stearns & Foster Reflexion 7 Power Base

June 19, 2014


Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis of Luxury

If you’re the type of sleeper who refuses to settle for anything but the best for your sleep space, then the Stearns & Foster Reflexion 7 Power Base is the perfect complement to your luxury mattress. With the ultimate combination of comfort, style, and sophistication, the Reflexion 7 Power Base gives you full control over your resting position so that you can enjoy maximum comfort and support whether you’re sleeping, watching TV, reading a book, or working on your laptop or tablet in bed. It features state-of-the-art technology, such as preset memory positions for restful, rejuvenating sleep. Also, it meets the needs of today’s modern sleeper with features like an exclusive LED night light, wall-glide design, dual wave massage with 3 programmed settings, and USB and AC ports for your favorite personal electronic devices. The Reflexion 7 comes backed by a 20-year warranty, and it’s compatible with all Stearns & Foster mattress models, as well as other adjustable-base compatible mattresses. is the best place to go to find the web’s lowest price on the Rexlexion 7 Power Base. If you want to enjoy the ultimate luxury experience, no matter what you’re doing in bed, then this is the perfect adjustable base for you.

Sleep Well,

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More Cool Bedding

June 5, 2014


Continuing with this week’s summer bedding theme, I’d like to share some products that will help you stay cool throughout the hot, sweaty nights of summer.

Advanced Systems

Your bed traps a lot of heat, and a cooling mattress pad can make a big difference on a sweaty night. Sleep experts say that the best sleeping temperature is right around 65°F. It can be really hard to get that cool on a hot night, especially when you’re under the covers. The Chilipad from Chili Technology features a micro-climate thermostat control system that cools your bed, allowing you to sleep comfortably without having to throw off your sheets. It can cool your bed all the way down to 46°F, and its wireless remote and digital display allow you to program the perfect temperature. Also, you won’t have to stow away the Chilipad in the fall, as it functions as a heating pad as well.

Traditional Mattress Pads

If you would rather employ a traditional mattress pad to help keep you cool, then you’ll enjoy the Design Weave Dreamaire Outlast Mattress Pad. It features a soft and luxurious Outlast knit fabric that will help you enjoy dry, comfortably sleep all night long. The mattress pad is also breathable and easily machine washable.

Don’t suffer through another summer of sweaty, sleep-deprived nights. This year, take the stress and sweat out of your sleep, and use these helpful products to enjoy cool, relaxing rest.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru

Comforpedic iQ: The Future of Sleep is Here

May 22, 2014


US-Mattress is proud to offer the new Comforpedic iQ mattresses from Beautyrest! Comforpedic iQ is the only mattress on the market that is smart enough to react to the way you sleep. Whether you spend your nights sleeping on your back, side, or stomach, Comforpedic iQ knows how to respond with your movements to continuously deliver the comfort and support your body needs to wake up feeling fully charged every morning.

Using Beautyrest’s Smart Response Technology, Comforpedic iQ calibrates to your body’s position to deliver the optimal level of support. Unique to ComforPedic iQ mattresses, the revolutionary, patented Smart Response Technology features 16 internal chambers that naturally adapt to each sleeper’s body shape — all without the use of motors, electronics, or the need to search for the “right number.” It soothes pressure points on the body and continuously calibrates to provide the ultimate level of support.

The Benefits of Smarter Sleep

Comforpedic iQ is the only mattress line recommended by best-selling author and pioneer of integrative medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil. In a recent sleep study conducted by Temple University, participants sleeping on an iQ mattress experienced significant improvements to the quality of sleep they experience on their own relatively new mattress. On average, participants fell asleep twice as fast, increased the time they spent in REM sleep, and spent less time lying awake. By falling asleep faster and achieving a deeper level of rest, sleepers are less likely to hit the snooze button and can make the most out of extra minutes in the morning. is the web’s best destination for the lowest prices on Beautyrest Comforpedic iQ mattresses. If you’re ready to experience the future of sleep, then head to US-Mattress and find your perfect iQ mattress today!

Sleep Well,

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