Brand Feature: Simmons

June 30, 2015

Simmons is the 3rd leading mattress brand in America, and the oldest of the top 3. In fact, the Simmons Bedding Company is one of the oldest of its kind in the U.S. Founded in 1870, Simmons began by manufacturing wooden telegraph insulators and cheese boxes. In payment of a debt, Simmons received a patent for a woven-wire bedspring, and the rest is history. By 1891, Simmons was the largest company of its type in the world.


Today, Simmons has four primary collections on the market: Beautyrest, Beautysleep, Comforpedic, and CURV. Simmons Beautyrest is, of course, the flagship brand that is largely responsible for Simmons success. In fact, it is hard to say “Simmons” without “Beautyrest” just rolling off the tongue. Simmons Beautyrest was first introduced 90 years ago, and relies on many of the same principals to this day. Simmons was the first to discover a way to automate coiling and encasing wires, known as pocketed coils, and this system has survived ever since in the Beautyrest line.

Other notable advances in mattress technology by Simmons are the Hide-A-Bed sofa bed, the first Queen and King size beds produced in the U.S., and establishing a research and development facility based on pioneering studies of human sleep sponsored by Simmons. Simmons continued its success as other companies like the younger Serta and Sealy brands threw their hats into the ring.

Simmons had another big success in the 1990s with their advertising campaign that used a bowling ball being dropped on a Beautyrest mattress to demonstrate the motion reduction and motion separation capabilities of their design: the same design from 1925! This advertising campaign was so popular it was revived in 2006.

BRB12_Logo_SPOT copy

Since then, Simmons continues to push forward and offer a wide selection of mattresses at different price points and with different designs. CURV is their most recent offering: a budget-friendly memory foam mattress that offers consumers a chance to experience the benefits of memory foam without breaking the bank. If they enjoy a CURV mattress and want to upgrade, or are looking for something a little different, Comforpedic is Simmons full-fledged memory foam collection. Meanwhile the Beautyrest line is still going strong after nearly a century, and has even began to branch off into other lines such as Beautyrest Recharge and Beautyrest Black. These branches take the Beautyrest technology in a different direction, with Recharge focusing on re-energizing sleep and Black targeting the highest quality luxury in the market today. And for sleepers on a budget, the Beautysleep line is always there with great value mattresses at affordable prices.

So whatever it is you are looking for, from good value economical mattresses to top-of-the-line luxury, innerspring or memory foam, you can count on Simmons to have a quality offering at a competitive price.


Brand Feature: Stearns & Foster

June 23, 2015


Since 1846, Stearns & Foster has been a leading manufacturer of luxury mattresses. Every one of their mattresses is built by certified craftsmen, and every piece of material that goes into a Stearns & Foster is rigorously tested to ensure the best durability. By constructing their mattresses out of only the best materials in the industry, Stearns & Foster is able to offer a high level of comfort and quality, earning them recognition as a luxury mattress brand.

[Stearns & Foster Estate East Cape Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop Mattress]

Since their inception, Stearns & Foster has been committed to focusing their efforts on creating the perfect balance of comfort and support using the most cutting edge and innovative technologies available. Their twice tempered, individually wrapped, titanium alloy coil systems conform to the curves of each sleeper’s body while significantly reducing motion transfer and providing individualized support. This type of coil is the perfect answer for couples who struggle with motion transfer during the night.

Stearns & Foster Golden Elegance and Silver Dream mattresses are the epitome of the luxury brand. They feature the revolutionary Intellicoil Wrapped Titanium Innerspring, which has a dual stage coil-within-a-coil design that provides initial contouring followed by deep, sturdy support. The Intellicoil system expands on the properties of Stearns & Foster’s single stage coil and is far more durable, meaning that sleepers can enjoy enhanced motion separation and support for a longer comfort life. By committing to innovative technologies such as these, Stearns & Foster maintains its coveted position as America’s premier luxury mattress brand.

Silver Dream_mattress-DM4


If you’re a luxury-minded sleeper, then Stearns & Foster is the mattress brand for you. Search through our wide selection to find the perfect model for your sleeping position and comfort preference; And with a variety of comfort and support options available, every type of sleeper can enjoy deep, healthy sleep on a Stearns & Foster mattress.

US-Mattress offers Stearns & Foster mattresses at the lowest prices on the web, giving even more value to this premier brand. Shop today, and change your sleep-life for the better!


Brand Feature: Sealy

June 16, 2015



In 1881, in the town of Sealy, Texas, a cotton gin builder named Daniel Haynes filled a request for a cotton-filled mattress. And then another. And then another. His business grew exponentially from there, leading to many innovations and several patents in the mattress industry. Fifteen years later, Haynes sold his patents to a company that retained the Sealy handle. Soon after, advertising executive Earl Edwards penned the slogan “Sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud,” and with that Sealy mattresses were a national phenomenon.


Even during the Great Depression, Sealy managed to not only stay afloat, but to introduce a new product–the Button-Free Innerspring. And their innovations didn’t end there: Sealy continued to improve the world’s sleep for decades to come. Milestones include the introduction of the Sealy Posturepedic line, being the first mattress company to display and advertise a king-sized bed, creating an Orthopedic Advisory Board, reinventing the innerspring coil and the box spring, patenting Posture Channels and Pressure Relief Inlays, and the list continues to grow to this day.

classic series(1)

In late 1983, Sealy purchased the Stearns & Foster Company. True to the Sealy heritage, these mattresses redefined luxury and expressed a dedication to craftsmanship and intricate detail, making it a perfect addition to the Sealy family of beds.


Today, the company owns and operates 25 bedding plants in the U.S. Sealy is the second leading mattress brand in America, and when you lie on a Sealy mattress, you can feel a century and a quarter of mattress innovation working with your body. With popular lines like Sealy Posturepedic, Sealy Comfort Series, and Sealy Optimum, the company offers consumers healthy, supportive sleep at every price point.

comfort serires sealy

Sealy excels in producing mattresses that employ current and cutting edge technology, spending more than twice as much time and money on research and development than their closest competitor, and more than all other manufacturers combined. They also hold more patents on mattress and foundation technologies than any other manufacturer. Sealy has factories spread out all over the country that specialize in a variety of mattress constructions, including innerspring, latex, memory foam, and gel memory foam, with three dedicated to innerspring and foundation component parts, and one dedicated to producing its very own latex–another first in the mattress industry.


You can rest assured that with Sealy, you are getting quality products of every type from a trusted and well-established leader in the mattress industry.



What Is Batting?

June 11, 2015

Quilt Batting

All bad baseball jokes aside, batting is actually a pretty important part of linens and textiles. It won’t help you win a game, but it will help you stay comfortable and warm in your bedroom.

Batting, in the linens industry, is the insulating filler material that you’ll find in most often in quilts and similar bedding. Cotton, wool, or polyester fibers are carded to draw the strands out of the raw material. This turns the fibers into batts, which can take a sheet-like form, or an unformed mass. Once the batts have been formed, they are put in between the surface layers of fabric of products such as quilts.

There are two factors that you may want to keep in mind when considering the batting of your bedding — fiber and loft. We touched on fiber briefly in the paragraph above, but each kind has its benefits.

  • Polyester batting is cheaper, but it will shift inside the quilt, comforter, or duvet much more easily. If you’re looking at bedding with polyester batting, make sure that it has some kind of baffle or close stitching that keeps the batting in place.
  • Cotton batting is a natural fiber, but it also needs to be stitched closely to keep it from shifting. Cotton batting will be more breathable than polyester, which is better for summer months.
  • Wool batting is more expensive than the other two options, but it won’t migrate as easily throughout the quilt. Wool is also a natural fiber, and it reacts well to your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Now for loft. The main thing to remember with loft is that high loft means that it will be thick, and low loft means that it will be thinner. This plays a role in the appearance of the bedding, as well as the warmth.

We carry a lot of quilts and quilt sets at, so you can choose exactly what you need to keep you comfortable every night of the year. Once you know what you’re looking for in terms of batting, it’s easy to shop our site to find the bedding that will provide for all your nighttime comfort needs.

Summer Bedding

June 9, 2015

With summer right around corner, and temperatures warming up, it may be time to swap out the flannel comforter and sateen weave sheets for lighter and more breathable bedding. For summer bedding, natural fibers are best at regulating temperature as they tend to be more breathable, light, and wick away moisture from the body.


Linen is a particularly good choice as it is light and breathable, and retains a freshness and coolness in warm weather. Cotton and wool are also quite good at regulating temperature, being breathable and efficient at wicking perspiration from the body. Egyptian cotton, of course, is the most luxurious of these options, being the highest quality cotton grown only in Egypt. Light down comforters can also be good if you like more substantial top layers, but remember you want a low fill power with a cotton shell to avoid trapping too much heat. So when you are planning a set of summer bedding, good combinations are cotton or linen sheets with wool or light down comforters.

Other ways to bolster your comfort on hot summer nights are cooling gel mattress pads and pillows. If you already have a cooling gel infused mattress, then that will go a long way towards helping keep your body temperature down over the hot months; but if not, there are cooling gel mattress pad toppers that can provide similar benefits while also bolstering the comfort of your mattress and making it feel like new. Many brands also offer gel infused pillows or pillows with gel pad toppers designed to help regulate temperature so you aren’t constantly flipping over your pillow for the cool side.


Light colors are recommended both stylistically and for temperature in the summer months. Whites and pastels are good at reflecting sunlight from your bedroom window which will keep them cooler throughout the day, and these colors are also more associated with bright and energetic summer style.


So store your warm winter bedding and replace it with light and airy summer bedding for cool and refreshing nights to come. And toss in a scented dryer sheet with your winter bedding and it will come out smelling fresh and clean when the temperatures begin to drop.




The ZoneActive™ 5-Zone Foam Topper by Serta

May 26, 2015


The ZoneActive™ 5-Zone Foam Topper by Serta is a clever solution for the frequent problem of uneven pressure distribution when sleeping. When you lie down on your mattress, your body is not perfectly flat. No matter which position sleeper you are (back, side, or stomach) certain parts of your body are heavier and/or protrude more than others, which causes them to create more pressure. Side sleepers generally experience this the most, as the differences in width between the human frame at the neck, shoulders, waist, and hips, can be significant. This often causes the widest parts (the shoulders and hips) to experience excessive pressure as they cut deeper into the mattress, while the thinner parts (the head, neck, waist, and legs) experience little to no pressure. This can lead to waking up with a sore hip or shoulder on the side you are laying on, and sometimes an arm or leg being “asleep” from lack of blood flow. On the flip side, this can cause a sore neck or lower back where your head and waist are unsupported and bent unnaturally for hours. Back and stomach sleepers can experience the same issues, but usually to a lesser extent. For back sleepers, the hips and butt still contain more weight and therefore cause more pressure, while the arch of the lower back is unsupported. For stomach sleepers, the midsection is the center of gravity and the weight tends to cause the thinnest part (the waist) to bend into the mattress overextending the arch of the lower back.


With the advancement of mattress technologies and sleep analysis, mattress companies including Serta soon realized this common issue. The ZoneActive™ 5-Zone Foam Topper by Serta was one solution designed to address it. Here’s what Serta has to say about it:

  • This specially engineered foam topper features five zones of alternating comfort and support that work to evenly distribute your body’s weight. This strategic design helps to reduce pressure build up at the key areas of the shoulders, arms and hips for a more comfortable sleep with less potential for tossing and turning.

The basic idea is to lower the density, and therefore the pressure, in the areas that have a tendency of experience excess pressure. By doing this, the key areas like the shoulders and hips rest on a portion of mattress with more give. This allows them to sink in further and experience less resistance, and therefore less pressure. On the flip side, this brings the neck, waist, and legs closer to the mattress, so they receive more support from the denser portions of the mattress. As a result, weight and pressure is more evenly distributed so that each part of the body receives a little pressure, rather than some parts receiving a lot and some part receiving none. This creates a much more comfortable and even sleeping surface.

With the ZoneActive™ 5-Zone Foam Topper, Serta is essentially manually counteracting the pressure disjunction that results from the uneven distribution of weight and shape of the human frame. This technology was a solution for a very common problem, that since its invention has become widely accepted and used in various interpretations during innerspring mattress design. Even in some non-innerspring mattresses, such as memory foam, different density materials have been staggered in this way for essentially the same purpose. Recently, high-quality memory foams and other such materials have achieved the ability to automatically react to pressure points to distribute weight more evenly, but for innerspring and less expensive mattresses, zoning is still a viable solution.

The ZoneActive™ 5-Zone Foam Topper is just one more way Serta solves subpar sleep.

Comfort Last® Foam Core with Ultimate Edge® Support by Serta

May 19, 2015



Digging even deeper than last week, we finally reach the heart of Serta’s iComfort® Sleep System: the Comfort Last® Foam Core. This core is paired with Serta’s Ultimate Edge® Support, enhancing the firmness of the edge while also tightly containing the inner foam. Here’s what Serta has to say:

  • This advanced foam support system is designed to help support your body throughout the night, promoting a more restful night’s sleep. Plus, Ultimate Edge® Support strengthens the mattress edges, reducing that annoying edge “roll-off” so you have more room to stretch. Available in every iComfort Sleep System.

The Comfort Last® Foam Core with Ultimate Edge® Support is the densest part of the mattress, providing a solid and supportive foundation for the rest of the comfort layers to work off of. The Ultimate Edge® Support border is even denser, containing the inner foam and providing a more firm edge that resists bending and can support sitting. The Ultimate Edge® is important for couples who share a bed, as it increases the viable sleeping area from edge to edge, rather than just a sweet spot in the middle.



This combination of the Comfort Last® Foam Core with Ultimate Edge® Support also greatly enhances the durability of the mattress. The dense core is resistant to sagging and indentation to help reduce the formation of a body impression, and the Ultimate Edge® border keeps that inner foam tight and compact, while retaining the frame of the mattress to prevent twisting, bending, or warping. This technology used in conjunction with Serta’s cooling, contouring, and reactive comfort layers, achieves some of the most popular and effective mattresses on the market. Serta’s iComfort line has become a household name, and it all starts with the Comfort Last® Foam Core with Ultimate Edge® Support.



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