The Perfect Accent: Oriental Weavers Rugs

December 18, 2014

Oriental Weavers Aston 2160Y Geometric Beige and Multicolor Area Rug

Sometimes it really is the smallest details that make the biggest difference. I had a friend in high school who never texted using punctuation at the end of her sentences, and then she always wondered why no one could understand anything she was saying. Every sentence needs a full-stop punctuation mark at the end so that people can better comprehend what is being said. It lets the reader know when the idea that is being communicated is finished. Similarly, decorative accents act as the full-stop punctuation for a room. Items like rugs, window treatments, and mirrors can add lots of personal character and attitude to a space to make it a better reflection of you. They complete the room.

Rugs specifically can have a fantastic effect on your home. They are a great way to break up empty floor space or add some bold color or pattern to any room. Plus, you can get them in a huge number of sizes and styles, so it’s pretty easy to find a rug for any space you can imagine. And they are perfect for adding a little extra insulation during colder months, which is especially handy if you have lots of hardwood or tile floors.

US-Mattress now sells rugs from Oriental Weavers, which is part of the world’s largest manufacturer of area rugs and carpet. There is pretty much no end to the kinds of rugs that they make, so no matter how picky you are about your rugs, you’re practically guaranteed to find one that you like from them. Additionally, they have an entire Pantone Universe collection, which is great for keeping your home current without having to totally redo the entire room.

But seriously, if you feel that your room is missing something, you’ll want to try out a rug. They’re an easy, convenient way to enhance, enliven, and ultimately complete any room in your home.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway — Not With My New Frozen Throw

December 16, 2014
Disney Frozen Throws at

Disney Frozen Throws at

Typically, I don’t go to the movies that often. Maybe, if it’s something I’m dying to see, I’ll catch a matinee one Saturday, or wait until my hometown’s tiny, one-screen theater shows it two months later. But for the most part, the first time I see any movie is sometime after it has come out on DVD. The same was true with the movie Frozen.

I didn’t see Frozen until this past summer. I know, I know, what was I thinking? But I have to say — I thought it was good. I thought it was so good that I watched it again the next night, and the night after that. I had “Let It Go” on loop during all my daily activities. I hummed “Love Is An Open Door” every time I saw anyone who looked remotely cute. I even put antlers on my cat so I could sing “Reindeers Are Better Than People” (this did not end so well). I was hooked.

So when I found out that US-Mattress had Frozen throws from Northwest Company, I was super excited. I ordered one immediately, and when it arrived, I spent my evening curled up under my new throw blanket watching my new favorite Disney movie. And almost as though it were planned, it began to snow outside.

College Pride for Christmas

December 11, 2014

College Covers Michigan State University Sheet Set

You may not be in college anymore, but anyone who has gone back to school or has kids knows that next week is possibly the worst time of the year — because it’s finals week. Studying, late nights, group projects, studying, drinking coffee until you drown, studying . . . It doesn’t get much more stressful.

But I bet that no matter how stressed out your kid gets, no matter how much they hate that Economics professor, and no matter how nasty the cafeteria food is, they’ll boast about their college any chance they get. Their school pride is through the roof, and all you’ll hear for the next few days is sports stats, new programs, and school rankings. And you know what would make their Christmas? More school pride, of course!

It’s easy to find the perfect Christmas gift when you shop US-Mattress. We offer all kinds of products from College Covers and Northwest Company, two premier manufacturers of college-themed bedding, pillows, throws, and futon slip covers. So when your kid goes back for second semester, they’ll have even more reason to celebrate their school — on top of getting a fabulous education, of course.

Have fun getting into the school spirit (and the holiday spirit)!

The Snooze Guru

Babies, Bedding, and the Quest for a Great Gift

December 9, 2014

Catimini Frisou Caillou Jou Jou Hedgehog Crib Set

Dear Snooze Guru,

My sister is having a baby next month, and I feel like I should get her something nice. The problem is that I’m a guy who doesn’t like shopping. I don’t understand differences between brands, or the nuances of the sales rack. I just don’t like it. Plus, I don’t know anything about babies, so how am I supposed to shop for one? However, I believe it is my duty as this baby’s uncle to get my sister a nice gift that she’ll appreciate and use. Could you please help me out?

Sean from Steeleville, IL

Sean, you know how it feels when you crawl into bed after just putting on a fresh set of sheets? It’s pretty great, right? Imagine how great it feels for babies. I bet your new niece or nephew (and your sister, of course) would really appreciate crib bedding, especially since it’s an absolute essential.

Plus, you can easily shop online for crib bedding. There are lots of choices out there, from the adorable Lambs and Ivy Peek-A-Boo Jungle set, to the cuddly Elve Teddy Bear set, to the Natura Organic 4-Piece set. Each of these brands has numerous options for you to choose from. You can also add a crib mattress protector or a baby comforter for good measure, to keep baby comfy at night.

So now that you have some quality options, take a look at to see the good deals you can get on crib bedding. Whether you need something that’s gender-neutral, or you want to wait until you know if it’s a boy or a girl, they have a great selection of everything you could ever want for baby’s bedroom.

Sleep well — you and that baby!

The Snooze Guru

Something to Strut: Peacock Alley

December 2, 2014

Peacock Alley Francesca Duvet Cover

Peacock Alley is a linens brand known for creating timeless designs with natural fibers. Crafted to be both fashionable and classic, luxurious and comfortable, each linen brings a tone of sophistication to your living space. They make comforters and duvet covers in a wide variety of muted hues, plus a few brighter colors to add a splash of vibrancy and pattern to your bedroom. Their sheet sets come in various neutral tones that will match virtually any color scheme, as well as any sense of style.

The company was founded in 1973 by Mary Ella Gabler, who began by making decorative pillows and expanded her new business into bed and bath linens — all of which fit to her standards of desirable, attractive, and ultimately, comfortable home textiles. Her ingenuity was a major influence in the establishment of the luxury linen industry.

Peacock Alley regularly works with Community Partners of Dallas, doing what they can in the local area to give back. These two collaborate in order to support organizations such as the Rainbow Room, a center that provides for neglected and abused children. Peacock Alley maintains their vision to create a comfortable, enjoyable environment through involvement such as this.

US-Mattress carries a wide variety of Peacock Alley products, allowing you to shop the best prices in an uncomplicated online atmosphere. With its dedication to the quality of linens and human lives, Peacock Alley may be perfect for furnishing your home.

Christmas All Through the House

November 13, 2014


Well, we got a good layer of snow here in Michigan, so I think it’s time we all admit that it’s time to start gearing up for the holidays. Usually when I decorate, I completely forget about any room but the living room — so it ends up looking like Santa’s Workshop in just the one room, while the rest of the house looks normal. This year I want to get away from that and spread out my decorations evenly, which I think is how most normal people decorate. It’ll be great, because you can only put so many Santa figurines in one room before you’re on overload.

One thing that I noticed is that my family pretty much only has decorative accents to use when it comes to putting up the Christmas stuff. At the end of the day, every inch of surface space is covered in different sized statues and sculptures. So this year, my goal is to make the house look like it usually does, but with Christmas- and winter-themed décor where we would usually have normal home items.

For instance, Shavel makes some really comfortable holiday sheet sets and throws, which are an easy way to accessorize your home without covering your house in tiny figurines. They’re festive and bright and will do the job right! I really love this Shavel Snowflake Micro Flannel Sheet Set for its classic snowflake designs — and since it’s not specifically Christmas, it’s okay for me to use them all winter! Or there’s a super cute Nutcracker Oversized Luxury Throw that I would love to cuddle with while I watch It’s a Wonderful Life (George Bailey, I’ll love you till the day I die).

Even if you don’t like celebrating or decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, it doesn’t hurt to order now so that you’ll have everything you need once December rolls around. After all, there’s nothing better than Christmas cheer, especially when it arrives in the mail right on time.

Check out this video from Jill to learn additional information about Shavel Printed Sheet Sets. And remember, head to US-Mattress for the web’s best prices on bedding and décor for every season.

Sleep Well — and Happy Holidays!

The Snooze Guru

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

November 4, 2014


Dear Snooze Guru,

This might be a dumb question, but how often should I wash my sheets? I’ve heard of people washing them once a week, and I’ve heard of others washing theirs once a month. My instinct is to wash them once a week, but I’m also concerned that it will cause them to wear more quickly. What do you suggest?

-Beth from Claremont, NC

Dear Beth,

Thank you for your question, and it’s certainly not a dumb one. Before we get into specifics, I’d like to make it very clear that you need to wash your sheets more frequently than once a month. You really shouldn’t let more than two weeks pass between washes. And here’s why…

What’s in Your Bed?

You might like the idea of snuggling up with your cat at night, or getting cozy under the covers with your partner, but I bet you’re not too keen on sharing your bed with thousands of dust mites and other microbes. Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice. In addition to dust mites that gather in and around your bed, your sheets collect a host of disgusting bed partners, including:

  • Dead skin cells
  • Skin and hair oils
  • Sweat
  • Other bodily fluids

After reading that list, I hope you can understand why washing your sheets once a month isn’t nearly enough. Ideally, you should wash your sheets every week, so your inclination was correct. The more you wash your sheets, the healthier your bed is. Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we should strive to spend that time in a clean environment. Comforters don’t need to be washed as often as your sheets, especially if you have a top sheet on your bed. If you sleep with a duvet cover and no top sheet, then you should wash your duvet cover when you wash your sheets. Remember to pay careful attention to the washing instructions on your bedding to ensure you get the most use out of them. If your concerned about your sheets wearing too quickly, I suggest purchasing additional sheet sets. This will not only keep your sheets around longer, but it will also allow you to bring different colors and patterns into your bedroom’s décor. In the bedding biz, we call that a win-win.

Sleep Well,

The Snooze Guru


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