Foam Construction

Dear Snooze Guru,

I’ve been shopping for a mattress, and the last time I was in a showroom I was looking at foam mattresses. When the salesperson showed me a model of the inside of one mattress, I noticed that the layers had different shapes. That is, one layer was smooth and another was bumpy. What do those layers mean?

Karl from Canton, MI

Dear Karl,

Thank you for your question. Many foam mattresses are constructed with various layers of foam, and often those foams appear different from one another. The shape of the foam is indicative of the function it serves in the mattress. Here are a few common foam constructions:


Slab cut memory foam is cut into straight pieces and lays flat. There aren’t any peaks or contouring shapes so the entire piece of foam works for the same purpose, allowing for an even distribution of benefits like pressure point relief.


Convolute foam is often called “egg crate foam.” It is made out of a slab of foam that is ran through two cutting rollers with varying patterns, resulting in two pieces of padding. The new pieces have peaks and valleys that help the foam contour to your body to provide solid structured support.


Ventilated foam runs through through machinery that cuts out holes from the top of the slab to the bottom, covering the entire surface. Ventilated foam increases airflow and temperature control.

I hope this answers your question. And Karl, if you haven’t already bought your mattress, then check out! You’ll find an extensive selection of memory foam mattresses from all of the trusted brand names you’re familiar with. Good luck and sleep well!

The Snooze Guru

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